The Risk Intelligent general counsel


The Risk Intelligent General Counsel

Discard the compass and get a GPS

The legal and regulatory terrain has gotten rougher, yet the general counsel (GC) must not only keep up, but stay ahead. Trying to do so with the frameworks, thinking, and tools of the past can be frustrating. It may be time to update, to move from giving your organization a sense of direction to providing more guidance and leadership in this area.

Keeping an organization on course, from the legal and ethical perspective, has rarely been more challenging. In simpler times, this could usually be accomplished with the compass, if you will, of legal expertise and ethical guidance. Today, navigating the complexities of business and financial strategies and of ever-evolving products and practices, and the legal and regulatory risks they pose, calls for the global positioning system (GPS) of Risk Intelligence.

This whitepaper provides a fresh perspective on legal and regulatory risk governance and management. This Risk Intelligent perspective recognizes the need to view these risks across organizational silos and to understand their potential impact on the finances, reputation, and future of the business.

The Risk Intelligent general counsel: Discard the compass and get a GPS
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