Commercial Excellence 4.0

A strategic framework transforming vision into value

In the past companies could rely on product innovation and cost leadership for competitive advantage. Today these strategies are no longer sufficient to sustain profitable growth now and in the future.

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Commercial Excellence 4.0: your path to a successful commercial transformation

Deloitte’s outcome first approach – the DNA of a successful transformation

Deloitte’s Commercial Excellence 4.0 framework is an outcome focussed approach drawing on winning formulas from their most successful clients. Commercial Excellence 4.0 contrasts to conventional transformation programmes as it is based on a series of sprints to allow for maximum flexibility, low risk and the ability to rapidly scale up proven solutions. Three commercial excellence models focus on a defined set of objectives and capabilities to achieve your company’s transformational objectives.

  • Efficiency & Effectiveness improves profitability by establishing data based decision making across all commercial processes
  • Customer Centricity drives growth by gathering and combining dispersed customer data to derive actionable insights and design and market superior value proposition
  • Service Innovation creates value by developing new business models and service offerings enabled by collaborative commercial ecosystems


Prepare to come out ahead after the next downturn

Putting the customer first is only possible if we have connected systems and novel solutions to leverage the data at our disposal. Particularly as many markets are facing economic and commercial downturns, investing in your commercial capabilities will add value and distinguish your company when these macroeconomic factors shift upwards.

The most successful leaders and companies know that business transformation is a continuous process.
CEOs are responsible for the overall company vision, long and short-term strategies and workforce motivation. When you’re a CMO, you’re not only focused on commercial strategy, but also the company and brand promotion. CDOs are concerned with digital process innovation, technology mapping and how these impact business transformation and strategy. Finally COOs are looking at strategy differentiation, cost controls and overseeing a data driven company culture.

Wherever you sit within the company, Deloitte’s Commercial Excellence 4.0 solution provides the framework to address the business challenges you face whether employing prescriptive algorithms to define payment strategies, using AI to personalise offers, or building a network of strategic partnerships.

With Deloitte’s outcome focussed approach, you benefit from proven methods of their most successful clients couple with Deloitte’s suite of solutions to ensure your commercial transformation is not just the right move for you to achieve your short-term goals, but also your long-term, sustainable objectives.

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