All about innovation - a Swiss perspective on how to embed innovation in the organization

Firms in Europe are facing the challenge to innovate more effectively to meet the rising expectations of global customers and stakeholders. They need to undertake substantial investment in digital while being constrained by legacy systems and ageing workforces. Yet European Firms can build on existing strengths to further develop into an leading innovation powerhouse.

Great Firms Make Sure That Innovation Is not Optional

Larry Keeley
Ten Types of Innovation: The Discipline of Building Breakthroughs

Are you looking to develop an innovation strategy, to build innovation capabilities, to design and launch new products and stimulate innovation ecosystems, to grow in a digital economy?

Our series of articles on Innovation in Europe will highlight ways for the innovative organisation, how to foster innovation, and provide spotlights on technology and the human factor.

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Together with our subject matter experts, we explore trends, opportunities and threats and derive goals for innovation success. Management capacity and available funding are the foundations needed to drive innovation. We help clients to select the best portfolio of innovation initiatives to lower risk, gain financial return and provide access to innovative solutions. Innovation needs creativity and discipline. We help clients cultivate the right tools and methods to support their teams on the innovation journey. Managing and orchestrating innovation ecosystems is one of the main competitive advantages for the future.

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