Adobe Acrobat Sign and Deloitte Legal Services

Adobe Acrobat Sign is a document cloud solution that helps organisations deliver end-to-end digital document experiences with trusted, legal electronic signatures. Deloitte is a strategic global Alliance Partner to Adobe, with over 25 years of experience working with Adobe as a customer, supplier and partner, and a long history of collaboration on product strategy and direction.

Deloitte Legal and Adobe have formed a strategic alliance to support clients in the roll-out and adoption of Adobe Acrobat Sign – both locally and globally. Adobe provides the technology and strategic implementation for clients and Deloitte Legal can help you develop an internal environment that is ready and able to adopt e-signature solutions, and provide technology to give structured advice on valid and enforceable electronic signature methods, for both single and multi-jurisdictional arrangements.

How might the Adobe e-signature tool benefit your company?

  • Quick access to key document and contracts from any location, on mobile or desktop
  • Ability to sign documents electronically with ease – no downloads or sign-ups required
  • Legally binding process which is secure and verifiable – digital IDs come from accredited Trust Service Providers (TSPs)
  • The digital signature and the PDF document are cryptographically bound, protected and secured with a tamper-evident seal


How Deloitte Legal can help?

Deloitte has developed a software platform which gives answers to the ever-changing, often complex, “(how) can I e-sign this document?” – including for knotty multi-jurisdictional arrangements, and leveraging existing document templates where appropriate.

Deloitte has also established a dedicated team of professionals to:

  • Maintain and support our global database of electronic signature rules and laws
  • Support clients with the formation of electronic signature policies and processes
  • Conduct and maintain inventories of documents, agreements, policies, legal entities and approved signature providers tailored to clients’ arrangements
  • Identify further legal requirements to ensure compliance with general and industry-specific privacy risks (e.g. GDPR, Swiss banking secrecy, etc.)
  • Support clients to perform a due diligence of existing contract type to assess legal requirements and/or risks across a company’s geographical footprint

Deloitte Legal works with companies on a multi-jurisdictional basis to help them derive the full benefits of their electronic signature tools, and to implement robust coherent global policies in respect of their use.


Paul de Blasi

Paul de Blasi


Paul is a Partner in the Tax and Legal Team at Deloitte Switzerland focussed on M&A and Corporate Restructuring. He is a Swiss qualified attorney-at-law with over 15 years of professional experience i... More