Pharma in focus

Thought leaders of pharmaceutical companies work on innovative solutions that will fundamentally change the health care system and enable new approaches for better treatment outcome.

During the COVID pandemic, pharmaceutical companies have impressively demonstrated how they contribute to the benefit of society. But the pandemic also exposed cracks in the world’s health care systems. Change is required to bring healthcare to the next level.

Experts from leading pharmaceutical companies tell us their visionary ideas to learn from the pandemic and overcome challenges – always driven to grow beyond mediocrity and to contribute to a better healthcare system that puts people first.

Together with Interpharma, we cover the biggest issues the pharma industry is facing – from research and development to real-world evidence, supply chain, sustainability or the digital transformation through highlighting key success factors.

Meet the leaders of the pharma industry

Learn from leaders of the pharmaceutical industry as they share their transformational ideas and strategies to overcome critical challenges their industry and the healthcare system are facing.


Marie-France Tschudin, President of Novartis Innovative Medicines International and Chief Commercial Officer

Marie-France Tschudin addresses the poor state of sustainability in health care systems. Although the challenges are huge, she is not afraid to boldly push for change. By proposing more investment in prevention, greater collaboration, better accessibility of health care and many more ambitious plans.


Jörg-Michael Rupp, Head of Roche Pharma International I7 Area, President of Interpharma

Switzerland’s legacy in R&D is a success story and ideal starting place to build on its leading position. Jörg highlights the key success factors Swiss based pharmaceutical companies need to address to turn this opportunity into a reality: trust, diversity – also in trial groups – data access, digitisation and patient centricity.


Nico Kleyn

Managing Partner for Life Sciences and Health care for Switzerland and North South Europe

About Interpharma

Interpharma, the association of Switzerland’s research-based pharmaceutical companies, was founded in 1933. Its 24 member companies together account for 90 percent of market share in patented medicines in Switzerland and invest 6.5 billion francs annually in research and development in the country. Interpharma is a driving force of an efficient, high-quality healthcare system that gives patients rapid access to innovative treatments and the best possible care. Both in Switzerland and abroad we are committed to ensuring that patients receive first-class healthcare, that innovations are rewarded and that our industry is able to make a key contribution to Switzerland’s prosperity, growth and competitiveness.