Urgency in addressing women’s health – Breaking barriers and promoting Equity

FemTechnology (FemTech) Summit 2023: Environmental, Social, and Governance alignment on women’s health

Imagine a world where every woman, irrespective of her ethnic and racial background, location, or financial status, has equal access to top-tier healthcare. A world where the health disparities that have long plagued our societies is a thing of the past. Sounds utopian? It's closer to reality than you might think, and the key lies in understanding and championing health equity.

“We hear a lot about personalised medicine, but we cannot even understand sex-specific care yet” – a poignant observation by Oriana Kraft led her to create the FemTech Summit to bring experts to address the urgency of our mission.

At Deloitte, our exploration into health equity for women is comprehensive:

  • Raise awareness on women’s health to increase venture capital investments in FemTech: Highlighting the active financial contributions towards achieving health equity for women, we emphasise the impact of venture capital firms in enabling FemTech startups. This section sheds light on the awareness and growing recognition of the importance of women's health in the tech and financial sectors.
  • Build data-driven insights into women’s health: We call for policies and actions towards gender equitable medical research so that we gain deeper insights into diseases affecting women. As gender-specific real-world evidence is collected, more tailored health care solutions for women will become available.
  • Improve Health Outcomes thanks to affordable care: Emphasising affordability, we spotlight how cost-effective treatment options and improved adherence lead to a notable reduction in disease-adjusted life rates. This signals a move towards better health outcomes for women without the burden of exorbitant costs.

Our journey delves deep into the realms of awareness, data-driven insights, and affordability to uncover the transformative potential of health equity for women. This isn't just about health care; it's about justice, empowerment, and the collective well-being of our global community.

Intrigued? Dive into our comprehensive article to discover the challenges, innovations, and the promising horizon of health equity for women. Join us in exploring how we can collectively bridge the gaps and pave the way for a healthier, more equitable future.

FemTechnology (FemTech) Summit 2023

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