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Your Leading Partner in Navigating the Future of Healthcare​

Our experts from a number of practice areas are here to assist you in understanding new ways of addressing your challenges and opportunities to help you stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic healthcare industry.

Overview of the industry

Future of Health trends are driving changes in the MedTech industry

Consumer needs and data will drive new solutions that go beyond the device

MedTech companies can evolve their offerings and target customers to capitalize on the Future of Health trends

MedTech leaders will either need to strengthen core capabilities, expand offerings or enter into new spaces

How Deloitte can help:

Deloitte is a leading partner in business transformation for MedTech companies, providing comprehensive expertise to navigate the future of healthcare. Deloitte helps MedTech companies of all sizes innovate their business models and scale. This enables companies to meet changing demands. and transition towards a redefined ecosystem prioritizing wellness and prevention.​

Faced with opportunities and challenges such as increased cost pressures, changing regulations, big data, Digital health, AI, and the push for value-based care, MedTech companies benefit from Deloitte's insights and strategic advice. Deloitte supports the development of innovative, data-centric solutions, flexible consumption models, and continuous health monitoring to improve patient outcomes.​

With a proven track record of serving top global MedTech manufacturers, Deloitte has a dedicated MedTech practice, boasting over 75 partners serving MedTech clients in over 50 countries. They offer support across R&D, Commercial and Medical Affairs, Supply Chain, M&A, HR & Talent, Finance & Tax, Risk, Regulatory & Legal, and IT sectors, ensuring a holistic approach to business growth and transformation.

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Gabriele Vanoli

Gabriele Vanoli


Gabriele is a Partner in Monitor Deloitte’s Life Sciences Strategy practice with focus on Commercial Transformation. Gabriele brings 20 years of management consulting experience in Life Sciences acros... More

Madhav Dhasmana

Madhav Dhasmana

MedTech Consulting Lead

Madhav leads the MedTech sector in Deloitte’s Life Science consulting practice in Switzerland where he focuses on Customer & Marketing Transformation topics. He has over 14 years of experience in Life... More

Prateek Natani

Prateek Natani


Prateek is a leader in the Monitor Deloitte Life Sciences practice, with a primary focus on Commercial and Digital Health Strategy. Prateek has over 16 years of experience in management consulting. He... More