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Deloitte White Paper on Swiss Manufacturing Industry

Challenges and prospects in global competition

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This Deloitte White Paper discusses the strengths and success factors of the current challenges, faced by the manufacturing industry in Switzerland. Key actions that are highlighted include how Swiss manufacturing companies can strengthen their competitive position in an increasingly globally competitive environment and uncertain economic times.

Switzerland is facing increased pressure in recent years, due to the uncertain macroeconomic environment, an increased global competition and a heightened innovation pressure. Manufacturing companies still have significant potential to further increase their attractiveness and competitiveness further. Following topics and course of action are covered in this report:

  • Strengths of the industry location Switzerland and the manufacturing industry
  • Economic volatility and the strong Swiss franc
  • New growth markets
  • Global competition and increased innovation pressure
  • Resource shortage (talent) and resource cost increases (energy)

The basis of this whitepaper is a survey of Swiss manufacturing companies as well as personal interviews with CEOs, CFOs and other industry experts.

Download the Executive Summary of the Deloitte White Paper on Swiss Manufacturing Industry. 

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