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What are the trends and current thinking about cash flows, financial strategies, capital allocations, mergers & acquisitions, restructuring of businesses, post-merger integrations and other elements of corporate finance and risk?

Why connecting the dots?

Because corporates should be seen as complex environments where interdependencies are key and need to be recognized. Often, we do come across challenges which seem to be unsolvable, as we tend to think in silos. With the Inside Corporate Finance and Risk Podcast, we want to connect the dots and allow the listeners to gain insights and breakthrough silo-thinking.

As a consequence to investment transactions and other business as usual corporate activities, companies need to be prepared for the corollary risks that confront and challenge their business. From addressing simple control inefficiencies to more complex problems of fraud, bribery, corruption, misconduct, cyber risks and beyond – this is what the Inside Corporate Finance and Risk podcast is about.

We share your concerns and bring together Deloitte’s leaders, think tanks from across industries and market experts to discuss hot topics and current issues.

If you work in Finance, Strategy, Risk, Compliance, Legal, Cyber, or if you are simply interested in the views of experts, listen in and follow our Inside Corporate Finance & Risk podcasts.

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Mergers, Acquisitions and it’s accelerators during and post COVID-19

Speaker: Roberto Micelli
Partner M&A, Deloitte AG

Moderator: Matthew Lock

  • What impact did the pandemic have on business valuations and what challenges are noticeable now?
  • In which areas will corporates and private equities adjust their strategic priorities after the pandemic?
  • Are companies conducting due diligence differently today?

COVID-19 has felt like a rollercoaster and despite uncertainties the market is experiencing accelerations of M&A opportunities for corporates and private equity in certain sectors. This podcast explores the emerging trends  from the current environment, explores where the pandemic has accelerated the M&A business and explains how M&A activity may develop in 2021.

We observe that a significant number of corporate sellers are open to negotiate lower prices if the sales process is quick, smooth and "clean". This is quite new. COVID-19 has accelerated that trend and this increases opportunities for buyers, especially for private equity buyers.

Keywords: M&A | Valuations | Business Strategy | Due Diligence | Stock markets | Accelerators | Integration & Separation

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Leadership in time of crises

Speaker: Reto Savoia
CEO Deloitte Switzerland

Moderator: Matthew Lock

  • Did the pandemic change Deloitte Switzerland’s strategy?
  • How relevant is the sustainability topic to Deloitte and how does Deloitte live the topic?
  • Where will corporates be spending their time in the coming months and years and are there any top tips to share with fellow leaders?

Navigating a company in times of crisis is a challenge, however phases like these demand to focus on what is really important in business as well as private life. This episode shares insights from Deloitte’s CEO in Switzerland, his leadership approach during COVID-19 and the top tips for CEOs when leading in times of crises.

Authenticity is key. Try to find your own authentic leadership style. Particularly in times of crises, we need to build trust and credibility with our people and foster an open, honest and transparent communication.

Keywords: Social responsibility | Resilience | Digital transformation | CEO | Purpose-led strategy | Authentic leadership

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Sustainable Finance, still a topic or now even more than ever?

Speaker: Amandine Favier
Head Sustainable Finance WWF Switzerland

Moderator: Matthew Lock

  • What is “Sustainable Finance” and how can it help the wider organisation?
  • When will ESG become comparable amongst countries, as there is no agreed definition yet?
  • How did COVID-19 impact the ESG goals so far?

Future finance functions and their capital allocation decisions have a critical role to play when it comes to sustainability. In this episode we discuss what environmental and social risk management means and how financial institutions can integrate key environmental issues (e.g. fighting bio-diversity loss or climate change) into their strategic decisions.

What kind of future do we want in 20 years time? We want our future to be a climate safe world with a “net zero emission” - means that there is more emission that is being absorbed from the atmosphere than emitted in the atmosphere.

Keywords: Sustainable Finance | ESG | Biodiversity loss | Climate change | Alignment of financial flows | Capital allocation in sustainability

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COVID-19: A perfect entry for fraudsters?

Speaker: Steve Young
Head Fraud & Investigations Lombard Odier 
CEO Association of corporate Investigators

Moderator: Matthew Lock

  • How do fraudulent behavioural patterns change in times of a crisis?
  • What are the top tips for corporates in order to reduce the impact of fraud?
  • What are the regulatory expectations from authorities in regards to the current crisis and pandemic?

Fraudulent behavioural patterns change in times of a crisis. After the financial crisis in 2008, observable levels of fraud had increased by more than 70 percent. In this episode we are exploring if we can expect something similar, given the nature of the current crisis and specifically what types of fraud corporates are exposed to.

It's important to say that colleagues must remember that fraud does not disappear. Fraud simply migrates and that's what we're seeing with the COVID-19 crisis. For the world, it's a pandemic. But for the fraudsters, it's simply an opportunity to migrate their tactics.

Keywords: Three levels of fraud | Financial misstatement | Consumer fraud| Misuse of governmental support | Association of Corporate Investigators | Segregation of roles and responsibilities

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Leadership in times of COVID-19

Speaker: Liza Engel
Chief People Officer, Partner, Deloitte Switzerland

Moderator: Matthew Lock

  • How do companies motivate their employees in this new normal?
  • What needs to happen in an organisation for people to feel safe, engaged,
    informed, and useful?
  • What are the positives and negatives of working in this new environment?

Leadership is key in current unprecedented time. No business as usual can seamlessly be continued if employees check out and do not feel supported by their organisations. Without positive-minded and still motivated employees, business as usual in not feasible. Find out how to best motivate your employees and to keep the spirit.

So before we were talking sceptically about working from home, are you really working when you have a home office or are you just doing your laundry and painting your nails? That conversation is hopefully going to become obsolete.

Keywords: HR | Chief People Officer | Motivation | Trust | Working from home

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Capital Allocation in times of COVID-19

Speaker: Igor Heinzer
(Head of Valuation Services, Director, Deloitte Switzerland)

Moderator: Matthew Lock

  • How and where should corporates allocate capital most effectively?
  • How is the current situation affecting decisions that businesses are making?
  • What's keeping CFOs and CEOs awake at night?

For businesses aiming to succeed after the pandemic, explore the pitfalls, like focus on short-term cost savings, and listen in to hear options for sustainable long-term capital allocation.

I believe that the pandemic will maybe force companies to be more disciplined around capital allocation. What does that mean? It means that boards and senior management are going to ask some very tough questions around future investments and where to place the next dollar. I think that now there will be a period of self-reflection.

Keywords: Allocation of cash | CEO, CFO awake at night | Capital budgeting | New business models | Immunology

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M&A activities in times of COVID-19

Speaker: Jean-Francois Lagasse
Lead Financial Services and Managing Partner, Deloitte Switzerland

Moderator: Matthew Lock

  • Will the M&A market evolve this year in the same way as in previous years?
  • What will happen in 2020 to already-planned transactions?
  • Has M&A activity been put on hold for now? 

2018 saw the biggest increase in mid-market M&A activity in Switzerland. This was followed in 2019 by a reasonable volume of transactions, but activity has now been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Find out the views of our experts about future trends.

Many of the M&As that we've seen over the past few years have gained market share by making use of technology. If you think about the retail sector, for example, or even the banking sector, successful M&As become much more digitalised than their competitors, and they are going to be the winners of the future.

Keywords: Mergers & Acquisitions | Mid-Cap Study | EBITDA multiples | Swiss Small - & Mid-sized companies

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COVID-19: Impact on businesses and the aftermath

Speaker: Haig Simonian
Former Financial Times and The Economist Journalist
Upcoming CNN Money Switzerland Moderator

Moderator: Matthew Lock

  • What are the impacts and consequences for corporates?
  • Are the authorities supporting the "right" businesses?
  • How will the corporate landscape change?

The potential consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for corporates are discussed here with our experts. Tune in to hear where we can try, on an individual level, to benefit while being stuck in “lock down” mode.

We in the West largely ignored SARS unless we were exporting to Asia. We certainly ignored the Middle Eastern version MERS. Now we've got one that has affected all of us. Hey, what a surprise! We've all woken up

Keywords: Impact on businesses | Bank provisions | Loan schemes | Zoom | Opera

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