Business Modelling


Business Modelling

Translate complexity into financial insights to increase decision-making confidence and stakeholder value

Business modelling lies at the heart of the decision making process, whether it is evaluating strategic options, new investments or existing operations. We create value for our clients by developing bespoke modelling solutions to help make confident, value-enhancing decisions.

Are you lacking the tools and financial insights needed to help navigate complex business situations?

At the heart of practically every large corporate decision lies a spreadsheet model. Quite often they begin life as a few calculations on a page but soon rapidly evolve into large complex workbooks and multiple data feeds that attempt to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders. Successful decision making therefore relies on all of these key stakeholders having confidence that the model is transparent, easy to understand and error-free.

Whether it is refreshing an existing model or developing bespoke models from scratch, thoughtfully framing the model requirements and developing robust and flexible models is challenging and time consuming.

How Deloitte can help

The Business Modelling group can help you navigate complex issues and transactions by delivering tailored, fit-for-purpose modelling solutions.

Our team of dedicated modelling specialists brings a wealth of experience in developing models to assist you with critical corporate activities, including:

  • M&A, joint ventures and divestitures
  • Financial planning of your business including business case preparation and analysis
  • Allocation and budgeting of capital
  • Allocating costs throughout your organisation
  • Reorganizations, restructures and operational improvements
  • Capital raises and refinancing

Examples of our work

Business planning and business case analyses

  • Life Sciences: The policy group of a global pharmaceutical wanted to understand how an upcoming free-trade agreement could impact their business. By identifying measures that could be part of the agreement and quantifying the positive and negative financial impacts associated with each, the policy team was able to prepare their strategy for negotiations.

M&A, joint ventures and divestitures

  • Global Corporation: As part of a carve-out of a large multinational business unit, we enabled the collation and transparent presentation of historical and projected financial information of a portfolio of businesses in multiple jurisdictions on a consistent basis. This was used to help our client carry out its own analysis and appraisal. It also provided potential buyers with an easy to understand and clear set of financial information underpinned by a data trail back to source data.

Shared services cost allocation

  • Swiss Bank: assisted a large Swiss Bank to enhance its approach and tools to allocate its multi-billion CHF functional cost base (IT, Finance, Ops, Legal, HR). An important step in changing the bank’s approach to charging shared services was to demonstrate the financial impacts on the recipients of cost under the revised allocations approach.

Capital allocation and capital budgeting

  • Insurance Company: assisted a large insurance company to increase ROI by strengthening its capital budgeting processes and tools with a particular focus on IT project portfolio prioritization. Our solution entailed tailored project templates along with portfolio tools to aggregate, review, compare and prioritize investments. As a result, decision makers could easily and quickly decide which projects to fund, defer or reject.

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