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Deloitte’s commitment to gender equality: 30% female leadership by 2020

Zurich, 8 March 2017

The benefits of gender mixed leadership teams are well known: higher productivity, more innovation power, longer-term business impact and sustainability in our workplaces. In March 2017, for the first time in Switzerland, up to 40 CEOs and leaders united under the Advance Women in Business umbrella to publicly commit to concrete gender equality goals. Deloitte in Switzerland is proud to have set a high and tangible goal to promote female leadership:

Deloitte’s goal is to achieve full and systemic inclusion and a leadership culture founded on fairness and respect, where we feel that everyone is valued. Gender equality is at the core of our efforts. Therefore we commit to a 30% female leadership (Senior Managers to Partners) by 2020. Our focus for next year is to consciously de-bias all recruiting and talent processes. I believe it is the duty of every leader be it man or woman to personally drive forward gender equality.

Simon Owen, Chief Executive
Deloitte Switzerland


For more information on the Advance Women in Business initiative, please visit their website.

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