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The journey to cyber security - what does it take?

Different perspectives, one passion

When it comes to choosing cyber security as a career path, a common misconception is that a computer science degree is a must. While having an information technology background is helpful, a successful career in the security space does not depend on it.

Some of our brightest cyber security minds jump-started their career without a computer science degree. Instead, they were armed with a curious mind, an affinity and passion for the subject and the ability to easily adapt to new situations. When asked why they chose Deloitte and what inspires them about their profession, this is what they had to say:

Yasmine Deryckere, Senior Consultant, Cyber Risk Services

"As a data protection specialist I am passionate about translating legalese data protection requirements into comprehensible and easy to implement GDPR solutions for companies across all industries. This regulatory rollercoaster allows me to obtain new insights and skills on a daily basis, which sparks continuous learning and growth and ensures I never get bored.

I joined Deloitte Cyber because I wanted to be part of a dedicated and ambitious team of privacy and security professionals who have in-depth expertise in cyber transformation programmes across large scale companies. For new joiners, the team promotes on the job learning, applauds and rewards people that are proactive and values all team members’ point of view, irrespective of seniority.” 

Patricia Egger, Senior Consultant, Cyber Risk Services

"I’m a mathematician who’s passionate about people. My first exposure to security was in a cryptography course I took in high school. Later, in university, I loved that crypto had its roots in some pretty complex math, but at the same time, was used by everybody, every day. That’s what keeps me going today: the relationship and dependencies between the science of security and people. What some may not realise is that security is as much of a technical and technological topic as it is a human topic; and I think that’s what makes the field so interesting.

After my first year at Deloitte Cyber Risk Services, I can say that I have never felt bored. In addition to all the interesting client projects (spanning from Identity and Access Management to Privileged Access Management and Cyber Security Risk Assessments), I also have the opportunity to lead the Swiss chapter of Deloitte’s EMEA initiative that aims at reducing the gender imbalance in the field of security, a cause I care deeply about. Supported by both my senior management and my peers, I have been given a platform to make an impact that matters; a privilege that I do not take for granted." 

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