Webcast on advanced digital

Are you already applying advanced digital analytics for effective third party risk management?

Incidents and risks related to the extended enterprise are on the rise. Digitalisation continuously increases the interconnectivity between market players, exposing organisations to amplified third party risks. Among these risks are brand and reputational damage, regulatory penalties and disruption of an organisation’s ability to meet customer expectations.

How can your organisation navigate these complex challenges effectively?

Watch our webcast to equip yourself with key actions that will protect your organisation. Our experts will be addressing the challenges and providing two approaches for effective third party risk management:

  1. How to structure an operating model that enables consistency, transparency, cost-efficiency, avoids duplication and that provides a holistic view of risk and performance.
  2. How to use advanced data analytics to design a web-based, end-to-end solution that prevents over-payments and optimises your accounts payable process.

We look forward to receiving your questions and valuable comments on this webcast. 

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