Climate & Decarbonisation

Mitigating risk and rewriting the future

Governments around the world are setting increasingly ambitious carbon reduction targets. This, combined with increasing pressure from investors, regulators, governments, consumers and internal stakeholders, has made acting on issues of climate and sustainability an imperative for every organisation. Climate change presents a range of risks for your organisation, from disrupted supply chains and higher insurance costs to labour challenges.

We help organisations set goals, develop and implement a net-zero strategy, meaningfully embed sustainability into their operations to improve and protect margins, build brand value, and enhance risk resilience. We support business growth across the value chain. We aim to build the capacity and confidence to both act and share the journey with stakeholders.

Benefits of adapting operations to climate change:

We believe organisations that consider climate-related risks and opportunities make better business decisions. Organisations that align their goals with the long-term goals of society will be more viable—and valuable—in the future through:

  • Reduced risks and costs
  • More efficient processes and decision-making
  • Increased performance
  • Improved ratings and market evaluations
  • Driving innovation and collaboration
  • Attracting and retaining employees
  • Meeting and exceeding stakeholder expectations
  • Accurate and reliable disclosures
  • Enhanced brand reputation
We help companies:
  • Uncover the financial, operational, regulatory and financial risks of climate change
  • Demonstrate commitment to a green future to all stakeholders
  • Create and implement a comprehensive decarbonisation strategy, including scenario modelling, adaptation and mitigation pathways, and road maps
  • Seize opportunities in new growth markets

Deloitte’s Climate & Decarbonisation services

Materiality & Vision

  • Board level education for corporate purpose
  • Scenario modeling (including stress testing)
  • Physical and transition risk and opportunity assessments
  • Economic impact assessments, market studies and valuation services
  • Policy scanning & tracking

Planning & Targets

  • Net-zero and decarbonisation strategy and commitments (e.g. science-based targets)
  • Environmental Tax advisory


  • Carbon footprint analytics
  • Emissions reduction advisory (direct and indirect)
  • Sustainable supply chain advisory (restructuring / collaboration)
  • Capital project delivery
  • Carbon tax and cap and trade advisory



  • Resilient operating model design (operational implementation of strategy)
  • Business continuity planning and physical risk
  • Critical infrastructure adaptation solutions and financial modeling
  • Disaster risk insurance advice
  • Divestment advisory


Value creation

  • Business model transformation
  • Circular systems, value chain advisory and product research
  • Technology and business scouting and identification of innovation options
  • Tax, grants and incentives advisory for sustainable innovation R&D
  • Impact finance advisory (e.g., green and social bonds)
  • Acquisition advisory

Governance & Sustainment

  • Integrating climate risk into “core” risk management
  • Defining ESG governance and associated accountability structure
  • Internal carbon pricing

Measurement, Assurance & Reporting

  • Climate related financial disclosure and emissions reporting advisory & assurance
  • Green bond assurance
  • ESG Due Diligence and legal advice on asset transactions
    (e.g. renewables M&A)

Why Deloitte?

Deloitte’s Sustainability professionals help companies build sound climate transition strategies to reduce carbon and meet new sustainability standards, as well as create value.

Deloitte has built market-leading assets to help navigate the complexity of climate transition and mitigation risks, as well as realise the opportunities of a transition to a lower-carbon world. Deloitte Decarbonisation Solutions™ is a proprietary suite of interactive modules that help to accelerate the delivery of climate risk and strategic decarbonisation projects tailored to your organisation.

We leverage our extensive and rapidly expanding network of sustainability practitioners in more than 150 countries to provide our global clients with localised support to navigate linguistic, cultural and geopolitical complexities wherever they are faced.

Through our culture of collaboration and extensive partnership network, we bring together industry leaders and experts to bridge the gap between business and academia, technology and science to provide answers and guidance our clients need.

Climate & Sustainability
Guiding organisations to a more sustainable future


Simon Heller

Simon Heller


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Lukas Schneider


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