Digital Controllership

Your path to technology enabled solutions

Deloitte's Digital Controllership team helps organisations fundamentally transform their Finance and Accounting to add greater value to the organisation by harnessing technology so that they are in control of a responsible, compliant and cost-effective finance organisation.

The Future of controllership is now

World-class controllership functions strategically leverage technology to:

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations
  • Manage risk and control costs
  • Help drive enterprise performance through value-added capabilities

New and evolving financial accounting standards, global economic conditions, regulatory requirements, and merger-and-acquisition (M&A) activity are creating a dynamic business climate that challenges controllers to think and act strategically by leveraging information and insights that propel the overall success of the business.

This evolution has driven business line leaders to rely on controllership to be a catalyst that delivers efficient and effective processes and data-driven insights, while also being a strategist that identifies opportunities to drive performance.

What this means for your organisation

Establishing a digital automated close, consolidation & reporting process covering financial E2E activities, can help finance unlock the ability to provide more continuous insights to support an organisation's strategy.

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Nicholaus Guldager

Nicholaus Guldager


Nicholaus is a Director in Risk Advisory leading the Digital Controllership capability in Switzerland and is the owner of Workiva alliance. He focuses on delivering customized ERP security and interna... More