Helping clients rapidly achieve ambition through innovation and design  

Through a combination of design, strategy, social science, and technology, we work to unearth new opportunities and drive transformational growth for our clients. We help our clients set innovation strategy, design, build, and launch innovations and become better innovators. And we do this by using applied design methods to ensure people are always at the center of every solution.

Whether discovering the next big thing, expanding on what’s come before, or understanding how to harness digital disruption, businesses thrive and grow from innovation.

Deloitte’s design-led global innovation practice, powered by Doblin, brings together a set of singular capabilities, tools, and people to help organizations create new sources of growth and prosperity and drive those innovations to market with speed and agility.

Through a combination of strategy, social science, and technology, we apply design to every step of a company’s value chain to help companies achieve their growth ambitions. We do this in three important ways:

  • Set and implement breakthrough innovation strategies that set the ambition for the organization
  • Design, build, and launch new innovations to achieve that ambition, and
  • Become better innovators, through agile processes, deep tradecraft and diverse skills sets and partnerships.

Since 1981, Doblin has pioneered the discipline of innovation and helped leading organizations navigate turbulent environments, helping companies solve complex problems that matter through a rigorous, interdisciplinary approach.

Beyond design thinking: How to ensure design is always on in your organization

How and why it’s critical to keep human beings front-and-center in any sort of innovation or digital transformation initiative. This is easy to say but not always easy to do – at least in the right way.

How behavioral design can help de-risk innovation

Everyone who works in innovation will regularly hear clients asking about how to “de-risk” innovation. In a world where consumers have more choice than ever before, how can we provide an increased sense of confidence about the solutions we deliver?

Business and design: Collaboration tips for more creative innovation

As more and more agencies are acquired by larger companies, designers and business people are co-habitating in the workplace.

Contact for Financial Services

Cyrill Kiefer - Partner, Financial Services

Cyrill is Partner in the Banking Transformation Practice. He has successfully led various «end-to-end» transformation projects from strategy to go-live in the area of trading, regulatory, sales excellence, digitalisation and organisational change management. He has more than 17 years of consulting experience in serving retail- and private banks as well as market operators.

He focuses on enhancing and optimisation the interaction between the bank and the client leveraging digital solutions. He also works together with the entire Fintech industry, where is developing agile front-end solutions.

+41 58 279 6920

Contact for Life Sciences & Health Care

Dr. Philipp Mayrl - Senior Manager

Philipp is a Senior Manager with Monitor Deloitte in Zürich. He has more than twelve years of experience within Life Sciences, Telecom, Consumer Business, Manufacturing, and other industries in both national and international settings.

He focuses on innovation, corporate strategy and digital transformations. He is also part of Deloitte’s global innovation team and drives the Swiss innovation agenda. His project experience includes customer relationship management, customer journey and digital experiences, building new organizational units and creating pilots, typically leading cross-functional teams.

+41 58 279 7370

Contact for Consumer & Industrial Products

Ben Ninio - Director

Ben is Director of Deloitte’s Digital Strategy practice where he helps executives in a range of industries position their organisations for growth in the digital world. Digital strategy sits at the meeting point between traditional strategy, technology, creative design and innovation. He brings value to organisations by traversing these fault-lines to bring understanding and insight on how the digital world can help them meet their objectives, challenge the status quo and innovate to become leaders in their industries.

Nino specialises in helping companies to launch new digital businesses, optimise their core operations and design corporate strategies that will allow them to grow sustainably.

+41 58 279 6610