What is a Beta product?

This product is in the final testing phase before we launch it to the wider market. It’s being used by early adopter clients who are helping us to make improvements and shape the future product roadmap.

The challenge

Whether you’re looking to fill a skills gap in one of your overseas offices, or providing talent development opportunities through international experience, global assignments are an important part of how many businesses operate today. They can also be incredibly costly, and as such, being able to predict the cost of an assignment is an essential budgeting requirement for all businesses. Doing this quickly and accurately, however, has proven to be a challenge for many businesses, with estimates often varying considerably from actual costs.

Mobility Forecaster has been designed to transform this process. By bringing together our tax experts and our data scientists, we’ve been able to create a product that uses machine learning models to provide accurate cost projections at the touch of a button. It also provides you with a powerful analytics tool so that you use your data to make more strategic assignment decisions.


Improve accuracy

Cost projections are up to 10x more accurate than existing methods, improving business operations and financial forecasting.

Make better strategic decisions

Easy comparison of different candidates and different mobility policies helps you to quickly understand the impact of your decisions before you make them.

Real cost comparisons

Ability to run analytics on historical data to compare what has been predicted vs actual costs.

More fulfilling work

Time freed up from manual cost calculations can be spent on more strategic matters, such as determining which employees should be sent where and why.

Save time

Quick and easy to revise cost projections multiple times.


Calculations available on individual and business unit basis

Costs calculated instantly

Machine learning models

Unlimited data storage and access on demand

Model enhancements overtime to further improve accuracy

How it works

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