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Cloud transformation

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At Deloitte Switzerland, our multidimensional expertise and end-to-end capabilities allow us to look at your business from every perspective, addressing challenges and spotting opportunities, accelerating your evolution and allowing you to grow efficiently into any dimension you can imagine. Together, we can turn the speed of change and technology from an intimidating adversary, into a fast friend – and a powerful ally.

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Cloud advantage

Game–changing business agility

Reimagine your business and reinvent your future. Cloud isn’t really about the cloud. It’s about disruption and transformation, about delivering a shape-shifting agility for recreating everything you do and how you do it.

Speed to market

Meet new needs in new ways. Accelerate go-to-market timelines, personalize marketing communications, and remake buying-experience excellence. Cloud makes market adaptation lightning fast.

Scalability and cost efficiency

Scale up or down to suit demand. Ensure that your technology is always at the cutting edge. Minimize development and deployment costs. Cloud delivers unparalleled asset agility.

Big data and AI

Tap into big data and optimize AI capabilities. Convert the data you already own into true business assets and use it to develop new applications with speed. Cloud agility gets data working for you as never before.

Employee engagement and collaboration

Support remote work, enhance collaboration, reinvent recruitment, and drive productivity. Managing talent in workplace environments is more challenging than ever. Cloud enables exceptionally nimble talent and performance management.


Embrace new possibilities for participating in an open ecosystem/partnership economy. Engage with partners in new ways to exchange data and ideas and build transformative products and services. Cloud’s capacities for driving integration make it possible.

Our Swiss Cloud offerings

We help leading organisations in Switzerland to engineer business transformation via the power and agility of Cloud. From strategy to infrastructure, engineering and migration – our Swiss-based team enables a successful Cloud transformation tailored to the individual needs of your company.

Cloud Transformation

The core of our Cloud Transformation offering targets solutions with disruptive impact. It encompasses:

Strategy and enablement for exploring the possible and mapping an accelerated route to transformation specific to industries, clients, and teams.

Infrastructure and engineering services for designing, building, and scaling more efficient, powerful, and cost-effective solutions.

Seamless migration of infrastructure and applications, from on-premise to cloud navigating business/financial priorities and implementation complexities.

Cloud development and integration capabilities for custom cloud native applications providing agility, efficiency, security, and impact.

Cloud operations advice for improved automation and resilience, for issues such as preventing cyber security incidents and data loss to keeping control of costs.

Why us?

For Deloitte, the cloud is not only about the cloud. A transformation is truly successful only if it delivers on its business promise. We leverage the cloud as a pathway to actualizing the possible.

We are connected to the heart of business.

Our extensive capabilities - industry by industry - across operations, organizational design, risk, workforces, regulations, brand, data security, and more converge through cloud at the heart of business to make our clients’ tech adoptions faster and safer, their people more inventive, their products more desirable, and their impacts more indelible.

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Cloud success stories

Learn how Deloitte Cloud helps clients unlock innovation and catalyze business growth by applying industry and domain expertise coupled with cloud and deep tech capabilities through modern delivery methods to design, develop, and operate cloud solutions.

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Swiss Cloud insights


Cloud adoption with Non Governmental Organisations NGOs and International Development Organisations: recommendations to succeed

Non Governmental Organisations NGOs and International Organisations – like many other organizations - face the challenge of supporting mobile and globally distributed workforce.

Cloud: The Bedrock of Digital Transformation

What is the power of the cloud and its role in digitally transforming and modernising businesses and organisations?

How not to fail a Cloud Transformation

Six common paths leading to failure, and how to avoid them – a Swiss perspective

Getting Cloud right

How can banks stay ahead of the curve?

Cloud Encryption Key management

How can Swiss organisations protect their data outside their premises?

Core Business application in Cloud

Take advantage of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services to adopt packaged solutions in the Cloud and augment with AI, ML and other emerging technologies.

Unlocking the cloud operating model

Building the enterprise of the future

Cloud-enabled data center modernisation

Key considerations

How will a data cloud strategy enable the Insurers of the future?

The Belgian insurance market has reached a point of maturity and stability where the organic growth potential of its core business has become limited.

Awards & Recognition

Analysts recognize Deloitte’s industry-specific cloud experience and our global leadership in cloud strategy, services, and innovation.


Deloitte named a strong performer in Application Modernization and Migration Services by Forrester

Source: Forrester Research, Forrester WaveTM: Application Modernization and Migration Services, Q3 2019 by Bill Martorelli, July 16, 2019

Gartner IDC


Ecosystems, alliances & other relationships

To deliver, Deloitte orchestrates business ecosystems of client and technology vendor relationships. We combine best-of-breed technology providers across every phase of delivery with Deloitte’s consulting business acumen and strong industry relationships to help your organization make the right technology choices and accelerate your possible.

Independent perspective

We know the landscape of cloud vendors and how their varied offerings can help address specific business challenges. Our independent approach brings objectivity and deep experience to the process of vendor selection.

Business focus

Our extensive alliance ecosystem guided by our sector and industry knowledge gives us the ability to select, connect, and customize cloud solutions that fit.

Custom delivery

Through our ability to customize delivery and terms, and with our preferred partner status, we can help you plan, implement, and scale your cloud transformations cost-effectively.

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