Put the Kinetic Enterprise™ in Motion


Put the Kinetic Enterprise™ in Motion

Is your organisation built to last… or built to evolve?

Yesterday’s enterprise was built to last. Today’s needs to be built to evolve. Discover what tomorrow’s enterprise looks like and how Deloitte can help you put the Kinetic Enterprise in motion with SAP solutions.

For many organisations, yesterday’s approach to business is failing. Static business models, operating models, and processes simply cannot keep pace with relentless market disruption, new digital technologies, data growth, business innovation, and rising customer expectations. The concept of a business 'built to last' simply doesn’t cut it in today’s dynamic environment.

To meet tomorrow’s challenges, you’re going to need an enterprise that can survive, adapt, and thrive – using the latest technologies, such as SAP® solutions and cloud computing. It’s time to reimagine your entire enterprise and activate a new type of organisation – one that is built to evolve, no matter what the future throws at you. It’s time for the Kinetic Enterprise™.

Move with impact

The Kinetic Enterprise is one that does not just react to change. It anticipates change – and is prepared for it. The Kinetic Enterprise thrives amid nonstop disruption, evolving with purpose, with meaning, and with impact.

Activating the truly Kinetic Enterprise means reimagining and rebuilding your organisation so it can move fast, tearing down barriers, increasing collaboration, and maximising opportunities.

SAP solutions and cloud technologies, especially, will be key to the Kinetic Enterprise, supporting its ability to respond to change and to evolve – its ability to function as a dynamic, adaptable, living organisation.

What it will take

Four pillars will undergird tomorrow’s Kinetic Enterprise. Which one you begin with depends on where your organisation is in the transformation journey—and where you want to make an impact first. A Kinetic Enterprise is:

  • Clean. It runs with a clean core or ERP and minimal technical debt – moving away from legacy systems that involve tremendous amounts of custom code.
  • Intelligent. It leverages its data and solutions such as SAP technologies to build intelligence and insights… which, in turn, can drive new levels of automation, efficiency, service, and growth.
  • Inclusive. It operates with a complete ecosystem of applications, services, and capabilities that allow it to optimise business processes, innovate readily, and pivot rapidly.
  • Responsive. The Kinetic Enterprise doesn’t just react to change. It stands ready for it, and it is cloud-enabled so it can scale 'right' – on demand.

Defining your journey

The path forward might not be a linear one. Like disruption, transformation can be dynamic, multifaceted, and never-ending. Want to become a truly Kinetic Enterprise? Embracing an evolution mindset is key. So is realising that you are in control of your own future. It’s yours to define.

But to turn a vision into a reality, you likely will require help. Deloitte can provide that help, bringing a complete set of skills, experience, and solutions for putting the Kinetic Enterprise in motion. As an SAP certified global partner as well as a cloud services partner for all major cloud providers, we come ready to deploy a range of solutions that can help you build a clean, intelligent, inclusive, and responsive Kinetic Enterprise. And we can do a lot more.

Help for the journey – wherever it takes you

Not only do we bring powerful industry-specific business know-how, we can serve as an orchestrator for your entire Kinetic Enterprise transformation. Deloitte can help you build your vision of the Kinetic Enterprise, make the case for change, select technologies and services to support your vision, deploy solutions from multiple vendors, and manage your new cloud-enabled kinetic environment.

What sets our team apart? Plenty. Here are just a few of the things that make Deloitte a transformation leader:

Our 'business first' methodology – supported by our extensive industry-specific experience, a focus on business outcomes, a 'design thinking' approach to digital enterprise transformation, and proprietary tools such as our Enterprise Value Map – to help you build the business case for transformation and align technology investments with business results

SAP strength – with a 30-year relationship with SAP, giving Deloitte a huge head-start for understanding the potential of SAP solutions, whether on premises or in the cloud

  • Multiple certifications in SAP and cloud domains
    • SAP global partner certified for cloud across the SAP portfolio
    • Certified cloud managed services provider for SAP HANA® Enterprise Cloud in the three leading cloud hyperscale environments

Cloud leadership – recognised for our 2,000-person worldwide cloud specialty team

  • IDC MarketScape Worldwide Industry Cloud Professional Services Vendor Assessment (2019)
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Managed and Professional Services Worldwide (2019)
  • Reimagine Everything… Anywhere, a Deloitte offering that brings together a complete set of services and technology solutions for running your business securely and confidently in the cloud

Digital depth – with an intense focus on delivering maximum value with the latest innovations such as machine learning and digital twins

  • Deloitte Reimagine Platform, a portfolio of ready-to-deploy solutions that leverage advanced technologies such as AI and IoT
  • 2019 SAP Pinnacle Award as Digital Partner of the Year

Global reach – with more than 23,000 business and technology professionals focused on SAP solutions worldwide, supporting end-to-end enterprise transformation anywhere you operate

A long history of rapid results – bringing industry solution, accelerators, templates, and industry leading practices to projects on Day One—to help accelerate the transformation journey

Complete, real-world capabilities – with a highly qualified, hands-on team that can work side by side with yours to deploy and operate solutions anywhere you need them, serving as a complete and integrated team of specialists that can address complex challenges across finance, tax, risk, IT, human capital, customer experience, the supply chain, and more

Top honors and recognition – including dozens of SAP Pinnacle Awards, SAP’s top partner award

  • SAP Pinnacle Award for SAP S/4HANA for three years in a row
  • 2019 SAP Pinnacle Award for Purpose Driven Partner Application of the Year
  • 2019 SAP Pinnacle Award for Customer Experience Partner of the Year
  • 2019 SAP Pinnacle Award for SAP SuccessFactors Partner of the Year
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