Procurement Technologies Service Offering

The Digital (R)Evolution

All over the world, as procurement departments grow and processes change, Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) are looking for ways to improve their organisations. Procurement Technology is also evolving quickly and the market offers an increasing number of solutions to support transformation in procurement processes.

Companies require up-to-date technology to support their day-to-day operations, and want to know about the latest trends and how they can improve their performance. Deloitte’s Enterprise Applications Procurement Service Offering is designed to help our clients tackle their main procurement challenges.

It’s time to join The Digital (R)Evolution! Procurement Service Offering

How Deloitte can help

When it comes to procurement, each organisation is unique and is at a different stage of maturity. Organising procurement is a long-term undertaking with a series of milestones, but the ultimate goal is to achieve cost savings.

Our Experts

Alexei Koifman

Alexei Koifman


Alexei has more than 15 years of experience in IT management. He is one of the leaders of Deloitte Technology and has in-depth experience with respective methods and tools. In his recent career he ful... More

Juan Carlos Lamata

Juan Carlos Lamata


Juan Carlos is an experienced Manager Deloitte’s Switzerland Consulting practice with a Computer Science Master Degree. He has 11+ years of experience in Procurement & SCM. Juan Carlos has a cross log... More