Deloitte Statistical Forecast Intelligence for SAP IBP 

At Deloitte, we provide a range of services to help you address the complexity of your Demand Planning process. D-Stats is a reliable and repetitive procedure to increase your forecasting accuracy while building trust, confidence and understanding in the process.

Reaching the next level of planning

D-Stats is a detailed, robust and automated process for simplifying demand planning. It is composed of 5 key steps:

1. Classifying demand

2. Analysing demand patterns

3. Preparing for outlier detection

4. Running outlier detection and correction

5. Running statistical forecasting

The methodology segments and classifies the demand, analyses the data patterns and ensures an easy and accurate data cleansing exercise. New customised methods for outlier detection and correction, combined with differentiated solutions for statistical forecasting, are the core innovations to tackle the Demand Forecasting headaches and guarantee a meaningful and accurate sales forecast.

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D-Stats innovation

The competitive advantage provided by D-Stats comes from statistical automation:

  • New customised method for demand classification and segmentation based on statistical best practices
  • New ad hoc quantitative and qualitative methods for analysing demand patterns
  • New numerical and visual procedures for preparing your company portfolio to run the outlier detection and correction process
  • New innovative techniques for detecting and correcting outliers
  • New forecasting models to cope with the more difficult forecasting challenges
  • Automated algorithms assignments based on statistical best practices
  • Optimized solutions for even better results in terms of forecast accuracy and bias

D-Stats contribution to IBP publications

D-Stats methods, techniques and innovations are widely introduced in the up-coming book "Improving forecasts with Integrated Business Planning".

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Holger Hoehmann - Director |  +41 58 279 90 30

Holger is a Director with 17 years of strategy & operations experience in supply chain across the globe within the Life Sciences and Consumer Business industries. His main functional area is Supply Chain Planning processes with special focus on Integrated Business Planning and the application of the latest advanced planning technologies.

Fernando Ferraro Maradei - Manager |  +41 58 279 68 65

Fernando is a Manager at Deloitte Consulting based in Zurich and has multiple Supply Chain Management project experiences in consulting for consumer products, industrial products, life science, chemical companies and automotive industries.

His focus is on Supply Chain Planning Transformation Projects focusing on Business Process redesign (demand, supply, production), Inventory Optimization, KPIs, and Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP). He already acted not only as a consultant, but also as a SC manager withing a global consumer products industry.

Federico Sasso - Consultant |  +41 58 279 61 83

Federico is a consultant with a solid background on Logistics and Supply Chain Management. He got specialized in SAP Integrated Business Planning focusing on demand planning and developing new algorithms and processes for the detection and correction of seasonal outliers.

He has a deep knowledge in Supply Planning, Inventory Management, Production Planning & Detailed Scheduling and Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP). He disposes of an interdisciplinary expertise in engineering and IT, a proven experience in Risk & Crisis Management, Statistics and he is a ISCEA Certified Demand Driven Planner (CDDP), leveraging the concepts of the Demand Driven Methodology (DDMRP - DDI).