Ferdinando Mercuri

Corporate Tax


Ferdinando Mercuri

Rue Saint-Martin 7

1003 Lausanne


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Ferdinando has over 22 years of professional experience in providing tax advice to Swiss and international individuals and businesses. Ferdinando advises individuals on wealth and estate planning, and entrepreneurs operating independently or via companies and legal entities on restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, and Swiss and international tax planning. In recent years, he has had a particular focus on consulting in relation to shareholding plans for private equity and major acquisitions and sales of companies and, more generally, on providing comprehensive tax advice to Swiss and international companies. He teaches tax law in French-speaking Switzerland, is responsible for the international tax module at Swiss Expert and is an expert in tax examinations. He regularly hosts conferences on topical tax issues (notably at the Ordre Romand des Experts fiscaux (Order of certified tax experts of Western Switzerland) and the Tax Law Day in Geneva).