Helping to safeguard medical professionals in Wuhan

Deloitte China raises a total of RMB5 million for COVID-19 emergency support

As the outbreak in Hubei slows, Deloitte China is still focused on supporting medical professionals and its community.

In the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, Deloitte people around the globe are working to connect to what matters each and every day. This story is part of a series featuring Deloitte people and the impactful work they are doing with clients and in the communities they serve.

What is the challenge?

On January 30, the World Health Organization deemed the outbreak of COVID-19 in Hubei province an international health emergency. Deloitte professionals based in China sprung to action to help those responding to the pandemic.

How are we helping?

The Deloitte China Foundation immediately donated RMB500,000 (US$70,000) to emergency support. Deloitte China professionals followed, donating RMB2.5 million, matched by Deloitte China, raising a total of RMB5 million (US$700,000).

As Wuhan neared the peak of its crisis and equipment on the frontlines began to dwindle, Deloitte China focused on procuring protective supplies for medical professionals in Hubei. This included 600,000 individual pieces of personal protective equipment allocated to 28 designated hospitals and quarantine centers. Deloitte coordinated with its local network of NGOs, logistics companies, and regional procurement teams to make this effort possible.

Today, even as the outbreak in Hubei has slowed, Deloitte’s attention is still focused on supporting medical professionals and the communities it serves.

At Deloitte, we are connecting with our clients, people, and communities to make an impact every day.

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