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Our events

Our events and seminars cover a diverse range of business topics in all industry sectors, presenting a valuable opportunity for our participants to interact with our seasoned professionals, and to gain insight into today's hot issues.

Impact of Individual Income Tax Reform on Foreigners in China

Deloitte has been actively promoting cross-border innovation and supporting the development of and communication among players in the cross-border entrepreneur community. To help foreign individuals and companies in China analyze and identify opportunities and risks derived from IIT reform to better adapt to relevant changes, Deloitte China Innovation Department will host a workshop on China IIT reform. Experts from Deloitte China Global Employer Services will provide an in-depth analysis of IIT reform and its potential impact on foreign individuals.

Date: 18 December 2018

Time: 4:30pm – 7:00pm

Location: Shanghai

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China Tax Conference 2018/2019

The 2018 global business environment has witnessed complexity and uncertainty - perpetual US-China trade frictions, stock market volatility, and currency fluctuations, all in all imposing new challengings on global trade and development. The international tax system has seen an irreversible trend of anti-abuse and anti-avoidance. To date China has begun to exchange information with quite a few CRS member countries or regions and in July 2018, Hong Kong passed new transfer pricing legislation to counter BEPS. 

In this changing tax and business environment, how will the changes impact your investment strategy and business model? How do you transform these challenges into opportunities? Deloitte cordially invites you to attend the China Tax Conference 2018/2019. At the Conference, our experts will share insights into the current economic climate, updates on China tax hot topics, and our experience in new tax management methods, in an era of AI and big data.

  • Beijing session (December 19, 2018)
  • Chongqing session (December 20 afternoon, 2018)
  • Nanjing session (December 21 afternoon, 2018)
  • Suzhou session (December 24 afternoon, 2018)
  • Shanghai session (January 7, 2019)
  • Guangzhou session (January 8, 2019)
  • Shenzhen session (January 9, 2019)
  • Zhengzhou session (January 9 afternoon, 2019)
  • Changsha session (January 11 afternoon, 2019)
  • Wuhan session (January 11 afternoon, 2019)
  • Xiamen session (January 15 morning, 2019)
  • Tianjin session (January 15 afternoon, 2019)
  • Chengdu session (January 16 afternoon, 2019)
  • Dalian session (January 16 afternoon, 2019)
  • Shenyang session (January 17 afternoon, 2019)
  • Xi'an session (January 18 afternoon, 2019)

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Deloitte Best Managed Companies (BMC) program

The Deloitte Best Managed Companies (BMC) program is a global initiative to identify and recognize private companies with advanced management ideas and excellent business performance. Since its launch in Canada in 1993, BMC has been introduced to many countries.

As founder and chief organizer of BMC China, Deloitte China works withpartners including Bank of Singapore, the Business School of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Harvard Business Review and the Federation of Shenzhen Commerce to integrate resources across the globe.

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Key China Programmes

Deloitte China is committed to supporting forums that facilitate thought leaders from government, business and academia to work together for economic growth and sustainable development in China, Asia, and globally, for mutual and long-term success.

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