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Deloitte China’s CFO Forum is an exclusive platform provide CFOs the opportunity to connect and discuss top of mind issues, market trends and collaborate while Deloitte facilitates and provides subject matter expertise.

CFO Forums in China

  • Shanghai: New norms and rules for MNCs to operate in China (2015.3)
  • Nanjing: Business management transformation under SOEs reform (2015.4)
  • Shenzhen: Changing economic landscape and its impact on businesses (2015.6)
  • Hong Kong: The worst nightmare – Cyber security? (2015.6)
  • Shanghai: Chinese stock market (2015.7)
  • Wuhan: The effect on economy from the changes on China stock market (2015.7)
  • Hong Kong: China’s efforts to reflate and to reform (2015.8)
  • Beijing: What’s next for CFO? (2015.08)
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