Currently, China's high-tech industry is at a new juncture which calls for high quality growth on a large industrial scale. China is not only a high-tech products exporter, but also the consumer. This provides a promising development prospect for China's high-tech industries in electronics, software and hardware but it also points to increased competition.  Innovation will be the key differentiation point for technology companies. 

China's high-tech industry is currently facing two significant missions: one is to accelerate the growth rate and the other is to expand the scale of production. 

Our team has extensive experience of providing services to the leading Chinese technology enterprises in broad fields, semiconductor, software outsourcing and the Internet portal. This inlcudes auditing, tax, management solutions, human capital, enterprise resource and consulting services. Our clients include start-ups and established companies in semiconductors and components, computers and peripherals, software and services, and end-user devices and consumer electronics.