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Corporate social responsibility

The challenges facing our planet and our society are varied and vast, beyond the ability of any one person or organization to solve, and all the more reason why everyone needs to take ownership and work together. With this in mind, Deloitte China has produced this Corporate Responsibility Report to share the firm's journey on building CSR into its own business model, and to invite readers to share their respective experiences and observations.

CR Report

Deloitte China Corporate Responsibility Report 2012

[English] [Simplified Chinese]

This report covers the firm's 2011/12 corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and progress.  It shares our experiences and observations relating to integrating CSR into our business model, including:

  • Marketplace development
  • Talent development
  • Managing carbon reduction and  business growth
  • Inclusive growth of our local communities  


We welcome readers to share their respective experiences and observations from their CSR journey, and any questions/feedback on our report via cncsr@deloitte.com.hk

Deloitte China Corporate Responsibility Report 2010

[English] [Simplified Chinese]

To celebrate and to review what we have achieved in the past years, we published our first Deloitte China 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report to outline our social and environmental performance and activities before 31 December 2010.

Highlights of the report include:

  • messages from our Chairman, CEO and CSR Leader
  • our corporate governance: issues on ethics and independence, and stakeholder engagement
  • our people: channels of listening to our staff and developing the talent pipeline
  • our environment: efforts in minimizing our carbon emission
  • our community involvement: national and regional initiatives on education, volunteering and disaster relief

Deloitte China Community Report 2008

[Bilingual version]

The Deloitte China Community Report, Celebrating our community and our people, summaries the key community programs which Deloitte China has undertaken in the past two years, spanning education, disaster relief, volunteering, sustainable development and environmental management.

This CSR report is designed to celebrate Deloitte China's contribution to the communities with whom we have interacted in China, and the contributions of personal time, resources and commitment of the 7,000 members of our Deloitte China team.

Pass the Torch Graduation Ceremony commemorative books

These commemorative books highlight what has been achieved for the first 3-year of the Deloitte "Pass the Torch" programme, a student mentoring programme between Deloitte and Buddhist Mau Fung Memorial College in Tin Shui Wai, Hong Kong. They reflect the positive changes on mentees' academic studies and personal development through the programme activities as well as personal influence from our Deloitte mentors.

Journey inspired - 2014

[Bilingual version]

Growing through Relationships – 2013

[Bilingual version]

The Change — 2012

[English] [Traditional Chinese]

Unique happiness and path: A Village Adoption Project in Yunnan, China

[English] [Simplified Chinese]

This book shares and celebrates the happiness and valuable experiences that the project participants of the Village Adoption Project in Yunnan have gained in the first three years of the Project. The stories shared in this book are testimony of the life-changing lessons they have learnt, to which the cross-cultural, cross-regional, cross-sector, and cross-age friendship and teamwork spirit between Deloitte China employees and Lingnan students have contributed. 


A review of the Village Adoption Project in Yunnan, China, 2007 - 2010

A manual for service-learning and China's rural development

[English] [Simplified Chinese]

This manual systematically records and explores how service learning can be applied in the Chinese Mainland and what effect service-learning has in the process of developing China’s villages. This manual explains the integration model of the two and the process of its execution. Through a recap of the Project’s development milestones and examples of its activities, schools and social services organisations will better understand the relationship between service-learning and promoting the development of China’s villages. This manual can also be a reference framework and operational blueprint that helps different organisations plan similar projects for the development of China’s villages.

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