【ALL IN】 Anne Shih, Deloitte China's 1st female partner

Dialogue with Anne Shih, the 1st female partner of Deloitte China: Face challenges head on without fear

Diversity and inclusion have always been Shared Values at Deloitte. In its earliest history, men dominated the accounting industry for several years. In the 1980s, the situation changed gradually at Deloitte China. Anne Shih became the first female partner at the Firm in 1986. Today, we spoke to Anne about the professional development of women.

During the interview, Anne talked about her memorable moments at Deloitte. In her words, "I think Deloitte is a very good firm to work for… I think they look at your performance. They look at what you contribute. They look at your potential….and enable equal career and development opportunities for women."

"What I think is that when you face the challenge, face it head on, and don’t be afraid because there are people that could help you … if you're asked to do something, do it, because the firm is there to support you."

Anne is a successful career woman, and a mother. We also interviewed her daughter, Samantha Shih, owner of 9Tailors, and a Deloitte US alumni. Samantha talked about her mother from a daughter's perspective, sharing with us her experiences at Deloitte and giving suggestions to career women.

For several months, Deloitte has carried out a myriad of initiatives, including Sponsorship, the 2020 Global Gender Impact Report, and dialogue with outstanding female leaders to gain their insights. Deloitte strives to further strengthen women leadership and encourage more women to make an Impact that Matters.

Deloitte is committed to a culture of diversity and inclusion and the creation of an honest, open and friendly environment for females. Deloitte helps women make one step forward, working to create an equal world.

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