Smart City

Deloitte has been recognized #1 globally in Vault’s TOP 50 Public Sector Consulting for consecutive years, serving all national governments of G20 and providing Smart City services for dozens of developed countries and regions around the world. Globally Deloitte has accumulated rich experience in Smart City services including the top-level strategic planning, business integrated design, delivery & technology implementation, and operation & maintenance. Successful cases include the smart business buildings of the Edge of Deloitte Dutch headquarter and Deloitte London office, CitySynergyTM, Deloitte’s Smart Places operating system in Portugal, Connect Suite of Smart Health Care in Australia, and RODAT in London, etc.

Deloitte China has been deeply engaged in G&PS industry in China for more than 10 years. As a top think tank of Chinese regional economic development, Deloitte China has rich experience in government cooperation, deeply understands the various development needs, actively connects with Deloitte's global smart city expertise and leading solutions, and serves local governments with innovative Smart City services.

Service Value propositions:
  • Deloitte is active leading player in the top ecosystem of Smart City around the world. Deloitte is nominated by IDC as the global leader in Smart City consulting services. Deloitte is the Chief Partner of global Smart Cities Council.
  • Deloitte has the capacities of end-to-end services including overall strategic planning, IT development & implementation and operation, throughout the full life cycle of Smart City.
  • Deloitte is a leading practitioner in the development of “urban digitization". Deloitte helps clients to integrate cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, block chains and 5G, and introduce global high-quality resources so that Deloitte accompanies clients to achieve scenarios innovation focusing on scenario detailed design and functional development, and truly realizes the implementation of Smart City Future Community.

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