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Deloitte Hong Kong celebrates 50th anniversary and commits to empower 10,000 local secondary school students in the next five years

INspire HK: Future Ready Talent initiative will develop talent to build Hong Kong's 'eight centers'

Published date: 7 December 2022

2022 marks the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland and Deloitte's 50th anniversary in Hong Kong. To celebrate this landmark, Deloitte today announces the launch of a new talent development initiative - INspire HK: Future Ready Talent - with a commitment to empower 10,000 Hong Kong secondary school students in the next five years to become future-ready talent with strong national connectivity and a global vision.

Through a diversified, one-of-a-kind learning experience, INspire HK: Future Ready Talent focuses on boosting local young talent's 'future skills' by enhancing their knowledge of advanced technology and innovation capabilities, equipping them with a global mindset to promote national development.

With the arrival of the digital economy, many countries have in recent years introduced strategies to compete for talent to build an innovative economy. Amid a shortage of talent, the HKSAR Government rolled out a series of aggressive measures in the recent Policy Address to attract high-caliber global talent to Hong Kong, with a view to furthering the development of the 'eight centers' and integration into the national economy, while injecting new impetus into local economic growth and diversification.

Deloitte China CEO Patrick Tsang says, "As a locally-rooted and globally connected integrated professional services organization, Deloitte China has been steadfast in fulfilling our corporate social responsibility to support China's strategy on developing a quality workforce in the new era for robust and sustainable growth."

"Hong Kong is where we laid the foundation for our success today, and we continue to be committed to contributing our strengths to develop the next generation of local talent, and support Hong Kong's future growth and prosperity. In addition to our participation in the HKSAR Government's Strive and Rise Programme , with our strong local and global networks, deep market insights, and advanced digital capabilities, INspire HK: Future Ready Talent can become an impactful platform to nurture future-ready young talent for Hong Kong."

An integral part of Deloitte's INspire HK strategy , INspire HK: Future Ready Talent supports the development of secondary four to six students through a series of diversified training and learning activities, aiming to help them enhance their international perspectives, understand emerging technologies and business trends, and broaden exposure to work environments across geographies.

Combining theory and practice, the program will offer interactive online and offline learning courses, job shadowing, visits to Deloitte offices in China, as well as Deloitte University in Beijing and its sister institutions around the world.

Besides providing traditional business and financial knowledge, the program will be structured around Hong Kong's 'eight centers' positioning, covering the 'ABCDEF' concepts (AI, blockchain, cloud, data analytics, ESG, fintech, etc) to help students become 'future-ready' talent by strengthening key 'future skills' in sustainable development, innovative technology, and digital.

The program will also help students gain insights into the development and prospects of various markets, while encouraging them to expand their horizons and cultivate creative, multi-perspective thinking to create more future opportunities.

Tsang says, "Established on the concept of 'National Connection. Global Vision. INspiring youth to shape a better future', INspire HK: Future Ready Talent not only demonstrates our commitment to talent development, but also reflects our confidence in Hong Kong and aspiration to create a brighter future for a city that we are proud to call our home for 50 years."

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