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Published by Deloitte China Research and Insight Centre, Measuring Value® focuses on helping you understand value, grow it, preserve and protect it. We provide valuable information to clarify our analysis and viewpoints. To the extent Measuring Value® deals with technical issues, we will emphasize the business relevance of them.

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The new shape of money: Financial innovation and the evolution of currency

Special issue, January 2014: Asian Financial Forum 2014
Examining topics including the idea of money and its beginnings, virtualisation and technology, the demise of paper and metal, banks and incremental innovation, new players and business models, and the cutting edge in currency evolution


Asian financial integration and co-operation: The power and the path

Special issue, February 2013: Asian Financial Forum 2013 Deloitte Workshop
A panel of five distinguished experts provided five distinct viewpoints of the role of and prospects of financial markets in the integration of the Asian Region.

Global capital markets, sectors and trends

January 2013, Asian Financial Forum 2013: Special issue 2 of 2 
This is the second issue of the same series examining the sector profile of markets and potential future trends.

The market side of global capital markets

January 2013, Asian Financial Forum 2013: Special issue 1 of 2
This is the first of the two issues dedicated to the Asian Financial Forum 2013 focusing on the topic of evolving equity markets.


Does the RMB in 2012 mark China’s financial turning point?

June 2012, Asian Financial Forum 2012
This issue is specially developed for the Asian Financial Forum 2012. It leverages the polling results collected from the Asian Financial Forum 2012 Deloitte Workshop titled “Rise of the RMB Zone – Trade, Investment, and Asset Management in the coming decade: Way forward for financial services industry and businesses”.

China and Asia - The Forum and the Formula

March 2012, Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2012
Especially developed for the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference 2012, this paper aims to look at the characteristics of Asian economic integration and identify characteristics and ways in which the process differs from other parts of the world.


The 12th Five-Year Plan: What it is, how it works and its impacts

August 2011: World Economic Forum
This issue of Measuring Value discusses what kind of impact the 12th Five-Year plan (“the 12-5 plan” for the period 2011-2015) is intended to have and likely to have, and how the plan can serve the interests of domestic and foreign investors.

Inclusive development and national competitiveness

Special issue, April - May 2011
This issue is specially developed for the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference 2011 taken place from 14-16 April in Boao, Hainan, China and is focused on the forum plenary. Upcoming issues will include insights drawn from other forum sessions.

The RMB: Savings and investment surge

Special issue, March 2011
Promoting an international role for the RMB serves Beijing’s interests in many ways. Both the prestige and the financial muscle that results from being able to print money that is recognised regionally would help secure and sustain China’s dominant role in the region’s development.


In conjunction with the Deloitte China 2010 PE Confidence Survey

Special issue, November 2010
It examines how the landscape of China's PE is evolving with various key market and regulatory developments.

Sustainability - Operational and regulatory risk

Special issue, September 2010
Operational risks and regulatory risks pose a significant challenge to executives managing global businesses that are undergoing material footprint shifts in their value networks, markets, and investments.

The profit in green

Issue 7, August 2010
Green practices can be profitable as well as socially and ecologically beneficial.

Shanghai 2020

Special issue, July 2010
We see the convergence of these three factors - a serious commitment to this goal, admission of current shortcomings, and an invitation to global leaders to join the discussion - as a positive indication that Shanghai has a good chance of meeting its goal.

Reviewing the outbound campaign

Issue 5, January - February 2010
An overview of some of the key elements and the future development of China’s outbound investment and summarising the key points for anyone interested in selling in China with advice for achieving the balance demanded by SASAC’s enterprise reform agenda.


RMB: Cash flowing and cash trapped

Issue 4, October - November 2009
An overview of some of the key strategic and tactical approaches to minimise the trapped cash risks.

The changing private equity landscape: What it means for investors

Special issue, September 2009
Our viewpoint on the changing private equity landscape and the implications for investors.

The RMB abroad

Issue 2, July 2009 
China is developing an "international" role for Renminbi (RMB), not "internationalising" it. Where is China going on the currency issue?

Why measuring value?

Issue 1, June 2009 
This inaugural issue discusses the concept of measuring value, the complexities of value measurement and how to improve it in a long run.

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