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Deloitte China Joins the Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s IFFO as a Partner

Published: 2 August 2017

Deloitte is delighted to announce that Deloitte China has joined the Infrastructure Financing Facilitating Office (IFFO) as a Partner. The IFFO is a platform established in July 2016 by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) to facilitate infrastructure investments and financing.

The IFFO’s invitation to Deloitte serves as a recognition of the firm’s contributions to Chinese enterprises in pursuing the Belt and Road Initiative. Alongside a strong network of partners among the IFFO, Deloitte is committed to supporting IFFO in building capacity and knowledge on infrastructure investment and financing.

“The blueprint of the future of Belt and Road Initiative has unfolded,” said Derek Lai, Vice Chair, Deloitte China. “Deloitte is privileged by the HKMA's invitation to be an IFFO Partner and to support Hong Kong as a super-connector in the Belt and Road Initiative. With operations in 60 out of 69 Belt and Road countries, Deloitte’s global professional service capabilities are well-suited to facilitate infrastructure investment and financing in these countries.”

Since the launch of the Belt and Road Initiative, Deloitte China has been assisting Chinese enterprises in implementing the Initiative by leveraging its multi-disciplinary professional service capabilities and a globally connected network of member firms in more than 150 countries. In the infrastructure and energy sectors, the experience and capabilities of Deloitte’s dedicated infrastructure and capital project advisory teams based in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai have helped many Chinese state-owned and private enterprises achieve long- and medium- term financing for their projects across the Belt and Road countries and regions since 2012.

Deloitte China will continue to extend its full support to Hong Kong by acting as a “super-connector” in the Belt and Road Initiative and facilitating Hong Kong as a springboard for Chinese companies to expand overseas.

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