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ZTE and Deloitte China release 5G+ICT Industry Trends White Paper  

Published: 21 February 2020

ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced that it has released the 5G+ICT Industry Trends White Paper in conjunction with Deloitte China. This white paper comprehensively reviews global 5G development in 2019, analyzes how operators and equipment vendors reduce cost, improve efficiency, and innovate in a complex international political and economic landscape. It specifies how 5G empowers the development of vertical industries and promotes digital transformation of intelligent manufacturing.

According to the white paper, customers in the 5G era are looking for personalized, customized and diversified services, and operators and equipment vendors are exploring industry rules and customers' requirements. Operators will likely build up open, robust middle-end platforms to integrate resources and offer related capabilities to ecosystem partners and markets.

"5G has already been integrated into industries' key capabilities as it was initially defined. To build ubiquitous connectivity, AI augmentation, advanced perception and control intelligence are applied on top to fully enhance the acquisition, transmission, processing and application of information. This will pave the way for a virtuous circle of innovations in business models and operations, services and products, as well as the social system", said Wang Xiang, Chief Strategy Officer and SVP of ZTE Corporation.

According to Wang Xiang, "in the 5G era, solutions providers are adopting various key approaches. The 'subtraction' approach is used in building a simplified network through network control layers unification and access layer hardware streamlining. Another approach, 'addition', can be seen when key technologies, including AI and edge computing, are employed to stimulate network intelligence. There is also the 'division' approach, which makes the maintenance and co-existence of differentiated industry scenarios possible by leveraging end-to-end network slicing solutions. Lastly, the 'multiplication' approach is reflected in deep integration with vertical industries by opening up the key factors of production via 5G. This allows innovation by combining such factors across the whole community, disrupting the business models of vertical industries."

"ZTE and Deloitte China entered a strategic partnership in 2019 to share resources and complement each other in various areas," said Taylor Lam, Deloitte China Technology, Media & Telecommunications Industry Leader. "ZTE and Deloitte are committed to sharing their knowledge and experience in 5G+ICT with the industry to drive development and growth throughout the sector. In preparing the white paper, Deloitte fully leveraged its cutting-edge insights on global smart cities as well as its profound understanding and practical experience in intelligent manufacturing. ZTE contributed its insights on the 5G and ICT sectors as well as first-hand materials from downstream customers."

Deloitte 5G Next Generation Application Academy Secretary General and Financial Advisory Partner Pu Qinglu said 5G opens up new development opportunities for various industries and for society. "We have seen many application scenarios implemented and rapid evolution continues," she explains. "The integration of traditional sectors and ICT is accelerating, along with the gradual digital transformation of industries. Intelligent manufacturing will have the greatest application of 5G. In intelligent manufacturing, 5G can significantly improve production efficiency, and promote innovation in products, services and business models to drive the digital transformation of all industries and serve as a new driver of social development."




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