Case studies

Giving underserved youth a better education

For the past decade, Deloitte China has championed multiple social projects to give less resourceful youth in marginalized communities of Mainland China and Hong Kong access to education.

Signature projects include the Yunnan Village Adoption Project, the Hubei Hope School Project in rural Mainland, and the Pass the Torch Student Mentoring Program in Hong Kong.

Over 3,000 youth have benefited variously from Deloitte’s provision of schools, tuition sponsorship and mentoring. Students we have helped were the first ever in their community to attend university, aiming to become doctor or teacher.

The governments of Hubei Province and Hong Kong have both recognized Deloitte’s contribution to society.

Helping to equip members of the next generation with the knowledge, skills and confidence, our social programs are giving less resourceful youth the necessary education and encouragement to become valuable members of society and contributors to the local economy.

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