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Young Professionals (YP) podcast, a new Deloitte China WorldClass program, augments the lives of young and young-at-heart professionals by offering extensive opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Hong Kong, with its prosperous international business and financial center, and Macao, a thriving tourism city with a unique position in the Greater Bay Areas and connections with Portuguese-speaking countries, are attracting an increasing number of talented young professionals from across the world.

'Young Professionals – Hong Kong and Macao', is a podcast for university students and young professionals to navigate their careers and career choices through the insights and experiences of others.

Season 1 will include 10 episodes on hot topics and feature diverse guests from Deloitte China's professional network who will empower and inspire you to reach your potential.

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S1 EP5: Transforming innovative ideas into a successful product

In today's episode, we chat with Dewi Dallaway, Partner at Deloitte China, Customer Strategy & Applied Design Consulting team. She will share her perspectives on Innovation and how to transform ideas into creative, money-generating new products. Also, share her experience working with large companies and startup, and their approach to Innovation.

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S1 EP4:[Cantonese Episode] 'Audit of the Future' – Innovative techniques and tools appeal to younger, tech-savvy professionals

In today's episode, we chat with Wilfred Lee Regional Audit Transformation Leader and Alan Chan Regional Audit Innovation/Analytics Leader at Deloitte China. Both will be sharing their perspectives on the evolving role of auditors. Also, how the focus on transformation and innovation has produced a more exciting work environment, one that is engaging tech-savvy millennials. Who relish the challenge of using technology to solve problems and reinvent process by bringing fresh perspectives to a traditional field.

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S1 EP3: Exploring Finance Transformation in the age of unprecedented disruption

In today's episode, we chat with Laura Blainey Director at Deloitte China Consulting. She will be sharing her perspectives on - how to reimagine the financial transformation program by revisiting core assumptions that the pandemic challenged and incorporating critical objectives that the pandemic highlighted. Also, where Young Professionals need to get started to learn more about finance transformation and opportunities available to them to tap into.

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S1 EP2: What is Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and why does it matter now?

Sustainability is going mainstream. Discussions and debates regarding the importance of ESG disclosure have continued their fast-paced trajectory over the past several months. Early in the pandemic, some questioned whether, how, and to what extent companies would embrace and sustain commitments to ESG principles and corporate purpose. However, if it was not clear early on, the pandemic has magnified the effect that environmental and social forces can have on business, emphasizing the impact of ESG on strategy and risk. Let's hear more from our todays' guest speakers Xi Chen and Ezekiel Ng, how ESG Initiatives help build business resilience and long-term value.

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S1 EP1: Digital Transformation trends in the context of China, & Asia-Pacific during the COVID-19 pandemic

Digital technology is at the center of today’s economic development debate due to its wide use during the Covid-19 outbreak. While there is no doubt that the pandemic is amplifying the adoption of new technologies, technological advancements were already changing the world over the past two decades, from living standards to the very nature of our work. We've seen many businesses, especially in developing economies, are digitally disconnected. Let's hear more from our guest speaker Patrycja Oselkowska, Partner at Deloitte Digital on how to harness the Digital Transformation of the Covid Era.

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Trailer: Young Professionals by Deloitte China WorldClass

The initiative Young Professionals by Deloitte China WorldClass, is to augment the lives of young and young at heart professionals by offering a wide range of opportunities for professional growth and personal embellishment. Our objective is to address information asymmetries that exist between graduates and working professionals. In Season one, we will launch 10 episodes and will follow content agility to bridge silos of information and feature diverse guests from our network to share their stories and experiences.

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