Deloitte assists listing of EZVIZ Network on the SSE STAR Market

Publish date: 30 December 2022

Our audit client Hangzhou EZVIZ Network Co., Ltd. (EZVIZ Network, stock code: 688475.SH) went public on the SSE STAR Market on 28 December 2022. In this A-share offering, EZVIZ Network offered 112.5 million shares raising about RMB 3.237 billion.


Management and representatives of shareholders of EZVIZ Network, , representatives from local government and Dora Liu, Vice CEO of Deloitte China (5th from the right) at the listing ceremony of EZVIZ Network


Finance Team of EZVIZ Network, CICC team, Grandall Lawyer team and Deloitte China's A&A engagement team attend the listing ceremony of EZVIZ Network


About the client

EZVIZ Network is committed to building a "1+4+N"smart home ecology, with security as the core, EZVIZ Cloud as the center, equipped with four self-developed hardware, including smart home cameras, smart home entry, intelligent control, and intelligent service robots, and get open access to subsystem ecology such as environmental control and intelligent audio to totally realize the smart home of both home and other similar scenes. At the same time, EZVIZ network can build IoT Cloud System together with their partners by exploiting the capability of sharing the smart videos with them based on the interconnected EZVIZ Cloud Open Platform.

Source: EZVIZ Network official website


About this IPO engagement

Since the official launch of the listing of EZVIZ Network on the A-share market, Deloitte China was selected as EZVIZ's IPO reporting accountants. During the project, our team has always well supported EZVIZ Network with extensive industry experience, excellent professional skills and capital market service experience, as well as adhering to the principal of high-quality service, successfully completed the work at all stages of listing, and won high recognition and acclaim from our client.


Deloitte China congratulates EZVIZ Network on its successful listing on the SSE STAR Market. We will continue to provide high quality professional services to assist more clients to take one-step ahead in today's increasingly competitive and complex business environment.

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