Deloitte assists listing of Qianweiyangchu on Shenzhen MB

1st catering supply chain listing in A-share market

Deloitte China assisted the listing of Zhengzhou Qianweiyangchu Food Co. (Qianweiyangchu; Stock Code: 001215. SZ) on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 6 September 2021. Its shares are now tradable on the Exchange's Main Board (MB). This is the first catering supply chain listing in the A-share market.

(from left) Wei Lebron Menglan, assistant Audit & Assurance manager; Qianweiyangchu's Board Secretary Xun Zhen Jiang, Board Chairman Sun Jian, and CEO Bai Rui; Mary Gu, A&A manager, and Gao Tian Fu, senior A&A manager, attend Qianweiyangchu's listing ceremony in Zhengzhou

About the IPO engagement

Deloitte China established a multidisciplinary professional services engagement team with members from Audit & Assurance, Technical, and Tax & Legal, and initiated work after Qianweiyangchu announced the start of its A-share offering preparations in 2019.

Using its vast industry experience and outstanding service capability, the engagement team delivered high quality professional services to Qianweiyangchu during this engagement. Through collaboration and joint efforts with all of the intermediary organizations involved in the IPO, the engagement team assisted Qianweiyangchu to obtain listing approval documents from the China Securities Regulatory Commission on 13 August 2021. The IPO debuted on the MB of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 6 September 2021.

About the client

Founded in April 2012, Qianweiyangchu is a domestic provider of quick-frozen flour and rice products for catering channels. It provides customized and standardized quick-frozen foods and related kitchen solutions for catering enterprises in the research and development, production, and sale of quick-frozen flour and rice products.

Source: Prospectus of initial public offering (A Shares) of Zhengzhou Qianweiyangchu Food Corporation Limited (18 August 2021).

Background and significance of the engagement

The listing of Qianweiyangchu marks catering supply chain's entry into the capital market, and will encourage more of such enterprises to leverage this channel to raise funds.

Deloitte China congratulates Qianweiyangchu on its listing on the MB of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. We will continue to provide high quality professional services to assist more clients to take one step ahead in today's increasingly competitive and complex business environment.

Please stay tuned for more exciting listing news of our clients.

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