Deloitte X UiPath Automation First Roundtable and Leadership Meeting


On April 25, a leadership meeting was successfully held in Beijing between the management team on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) business of Deloitte China,led by Deloitte China Chief Digital Officer Joseph Chu, and its Global and APAC counterpart from the leading RPA software provider UiPath, with a highly productive conversation over strengthening strategic partnership and project development.

In the afternoon session, both parties jointly held an Automation First roundtable with financial and IT leadership from influential institutions of its respective industry, themed with methodical introductions on both current achievements and prospects of Deloitte RPA business.

Deloitte-UiPath Partnership Strengthens

In the morning session specifically, Deloitte Digital and Information Technology Partner, Leon Fan, opened with an overview on the fast progress of RPA teams from several service lines during the current fiscal year plus encouraging forecasts and targets for the next year, as well as looking forward to advancing further the partnership between the Deloitte and UiPath.

Joseph Chu applauded the Deloitte RPA team's exemplary effect in regards to corporate digital transformation and appreciated all the help and support from UiPath as Deloitte's long-term business partner.

UiPath VP /Global Partner Leader for Deloitte of Sales APAC, Thomas Chin, wasUiPath, Eric Magnuson, and General Manager of Greater China Region, Gabriel Wu, were very excited about the business accomplishment and technical leadership of Deloitte RPA team. HeMr. Magnuson emphasized that China and Deloitte team are of their high priorities in terms of both investment and market/partnership of focus. UiPath will continue expanding its cooperation with Deloitte team while maintaining an executive level of communication and coordination. In the coming months, UiPath will increase investments into the Certified DeveloperAcademy Certification Program, provide professional service support for Deloitte team and establish Customer Success Management, as well as continue the discussion with Deloitte on forming a regional advisory committee at the leadership level.

Automation First Client Roundtable

Before the afternoon roundtable, Deloitte put into use for the first time of its brand new Client Experience Center in Beijing and presented the development and potential of RPA technology in a futuristic setting to significant and prospective clients. In the following meeting, Managing Director of Greater China, Gabriel Wu,Mr. Wu first introduced the RPA technology in general and the advantages UiPath as a leading software provider.

Christophe Chen then shared detailed insights regarding Center of Excellence (CoE) deployment as part of the RPA implementation strategy, covering insights gained from CoEs for robotic process automation already in operation plus exploration and case study of how to effectively accomplish such a CoE.

Clients expressed particular attention and embracement of such a proposal, with keen interests in the idea of further unleashing RPA potential by establishing a CoE for robotics.

Mr. Fan also pointed out that, Deloitte RPA team can not only help its client adopt robotic process automation in a customized, efficient approach with best practice but to consult clients with professional competence on process optimization together with RPA scenario identification, analysis and decision-making. These offerings will organically integrate the possibility, feasibility and value of RPA technology, which maximizes the client's return of investment on both financial and human capital.

Assurance IT Eastern & Western Regional Leading Partner, Silas Zhu, shared his knowledge on opportunities and challenges during the RPA project implementation and Deloitte's professional advantage.

Also present at the roundtable was Head of Accounting Department from Renmin University of China, Prof. Zhang Min, who acclaimed Deloitte's achievements on financial automation and digitalization.

Deloitte China and UiPath team will keep pushing forward the depth and breadth of ongoing collaborations. Through professional excellence and expertise on design, implementation and management in the field of RPA, Deloitte will help clients retain a leading edge during the era of financial digitalization.

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