Go Public

Go Public is a bilingual marketing publication of the National Public Offering Group. It explores the benefits, importance, key procedures and preparations for listing in various capital markets. It also covers the latest listing rules in the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong – including the new Main Board profit requirement, the US and Singapore.

In this edition, major additions and revisions include:

  • An introduction to our initial public offering (IPO) readiness and diagnostics assessment services before preparing for a listing;
  • An overview of Deloitte Private's top-level design and bespoke solutions for wealthy families and family enterprises;
  • Details of the Hong Kong Main Board's profit requirement increase that will come into effect on 1 January 2022;
  • The latest SSE STAR Market listing standards, including guidance on abstaining from listings of financial technology companies and those using such a model, real estate, financial and investment-related businesses last updated on 16 April 2021;
  • The most recent listing requirements of the main boards in Shanghai and Shenzhen following the merger of Shenzhen's Main Board with the SME Board, implemented on 6 April 2021;
  • Details of the latest Shenzhen ChiNext listing rules under the pilot registration-based regime, including the new rules for overseas-listed and non-overseas-listed red-chip companies to list on ChiNext, which came into effect in June 2020;
  • The listing rules under the new Hong Kong listing regime launched in April 2018;
  • The latest US listing rules on New York Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ Global Select Market, NASDAQ Global Market and NASDAQ Capital Market; and,
  • The latest listing requirements of Singapore's Main Board and Catalist.

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