U.S. GAAP/SEC Update


US Capital Market Seminar of Deloitte China CMSG: US GAAP/SEC Update

3 December 2021 | Shanghai

There have been great regulatory shifts in the US capital market. In light of this, Deloitte China's Capital Market Services Group (CMSG) would like to support CFOs, financial controllers and other professionals of listed companies or companies that are seeking going public to address the complex and ever-changing developments of the US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It has tentatively set to host "US Capital Market Seminar of Deloitte China's CMSG" US GAAP/ SEC Update" on 3 December 2021 (Friday) and would like to cordially invite your company.

In this seminar, Offering Services and Technical Services experts of Deloitte China's CMSG will interpret the changes to US GAAP, the latest developments of the US SEC, and the just released tax updates as well as other trending topics. The seminar will help companies understand the essence of preparing a just in-time annual report and how to plan to go public. A Q&A session is set up to answer all other big questions.

The key topics to discuss include:

  • Updates to US GAAP
  • Changes and latest focus of the US SEC
  • Current market topics
  • Tax updates and other issues

We look forward to your participation!

Event details

3 December 2021, Friday

13:00 –13:30 Registration
13:30 –17:00 Seminar (with tea break)

Presentation – Mandarin
Slides – English

5F, D. Cafe, Bund Center (222 Yanan Road East, Shanghai)

RMB 500/person

Registration deadline:
26 November, 2021 (Friday)


Seats are limited. The cost is RMB500 per person. Please enroll now.

If you wish to enroll and join this seminar, please scan the following QR code to fill in the registration form.

Please be noted that upon confirming the registration, participants will receive a confirmation email issued by the organizer before 30 November 2021 (Tuesday).