Advisory in audit


Advisory in audit

We provide a broad spectrum of services to help our clients make greater impact on strategy formulation and execution.

Our practice leverages resources, skills and tools from our various disciplines to help executives fulfill their evolving, expanded and increasingly complex roles, particularly in the areas of event consultation, accounting advisory, finance transformation and regulatory compliance, as well as the development and implementation of strategies, to facilitate greater efficiencies and enable increased profitability.

Our services

Accounting advisory

  • New standard implementation
  • Complex accounting advisory
  • Accounting support
  • GAAP Conversion

Event consultation

  • IPO readiness assessment
  • Deal advisory
  • M&A support

Financial transformation (FinanceCare)

  • Fast close
  • Finance process improvements
  • Insightful reporting & analytics
  • Easy reconciliation
  • Enhanced budget and forecast
  • Sound treasury
  • Post merger finance integration

Regulatory advisory

  • Licensing and authorization
  • Non-compliance remediation
  • Regulatory filing and reporting
  • Regulatory compliance
  • On-going regulatory updates