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Helping clients maintain strong growth and meet challenges with confidence by using innovative technologies to optimize operations.

Supply Chain & Network Operations: You’ll tackle organizations’ most complex issues by drawing on global capabilities that span all areas of business strategy and operations, and every industry. Deloitte’s Supply Chain practice focuses on delivering practical, strategy-driven value through advisory services that optimize, reinvent and improve supply chains from end to end—design, plan, source, make and deliver.

Finance & Performance: As a Finance professional, you’ll provide services that help clients' Finance functions address the most critical priorities that support value creation, from strategy and process, to technology and organization.

Operations Transformation: As an Operations Transformation consultant, you’ll help clients capture new growth opportunities, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and stay ahead of consumer preferences. You’ll help organizations set and execute their strategic visions and improve business performance.

FSI Industry Solutions: As an FSI Industry Solutions consultant, you’ll work with FSI organizations to improve profitability and business productivity. You’ll help clients enhance core elements of their business models, applying analytics and "outside the box" thinking to engender transformational change while creating value.

An Open and Honest Point of View about Deloitte Consulting!

Deloitte China's "4+1" culture has enabled me to aspire and accelerate my career as a consultant while being a mother. The firm has always championed the concept of the "wellbeing", and is dedicated to helping its people strike a balance between work and family life, all while enabling women employees to "step forward" and achieve in a supportive environment. With this belief and support, I am always looking at finding new ways we can serve our clients with real impact and grow with the firm.


       Terri Chong
       Senior Consultant | Consulting
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