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Constant Tse, Country Tax Chief Operating Officer Partner, Tax

Follow your mentor’s lead

Role model, performance manager, objective assessor, active advisor. The part your mentor plays in developing you as a global professional is multi-faceted. At Deloitte, mentors look at your individual’s needs to bring out your best capabilities and personalities. Your mentor will always stand by your side and guide you to the right direction.

“With over two decades of experience, I am a veteran mentor at Deloitte. But I see myself more of a friend – one who really cares and takes the time and patience to talk to you when support is needed to make critical decisions or to guide you towards the right direction. It’s more about caring by listening and helping my mentees to make the right choices on their own through my knowledge. Treat me like a tango instructor!

For fresh graduates who find it daunting and challenging when they first enter Deloitte, our mentoring system ensures you are never alone when you take your first step. In fact, a lot of my mentees have had really successful career paths and grown from new graduates to managers, directors and partners. You’ll find many mentors at Deloitte just like me who are ready to develop the next generation of leaders to succeed in a dynamic, global business environment.

From recommending suitable restaurants for lunch to planning your career development, you will always be guided by your mentor. Together, you can discuss about your hobbies, where you go shopping, share the latest tweets and talk about holiday plans, as well as work on challenging projects – transforming you from graduate to leader.

However, it’s not just you who’ll benefit. As tango partners, both of us benefit from sharing and caring to perfect our dance towards life’s later stages.” 

Constant Tse
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