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Maximum impact and value from investments in finance, data, and IT operations.

Technology Strategy & Transformation (TST): As a TST specialist, you'll help organizations reset their IT strategies and implement systems and solutions, including advanced cloud services, to re-energize performance across their enterprises. Whether you need to build a new system architecture, or revitalize specific IT functions, you will help draw the roadmap and guide clients through every step of the journey.

Intelligent Enterprise Operation: As one of our industry-leading Oracle specialists, you can help our clients plan and implement a full suite of solutions, including Oracle ERP Cloud and NetSuite, in areas such as enterprise transformation, finance and supply chain, incorporating advanced technology applications such as machine learning, IoT, and blockchain.

SAP: As an experienced SAP specialist, you can help transform a client's organization and take it to new levels of performance with a suite of solutions centred on the leading-edge SAP S/4 HANA platform. You will work to plan and implement this full suite of solutions in areas such as enterprise transformation, finance, and supply chain, incorporating advanced technology applications like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and IoT.

Analytics & Cognitive: Our solutions harness the power of analytics, automation and AI to uncover hidden relationships from vast amounts of data. You'll help implement the right strategy and technology that balances speed, cost, and quality to deliver measurable business value.

Systems Engineering: As an industry-leading IT and technology specialist in Systems Engineering, you will guide organizations through end-to-end redesign and modernization of their platforms to give rise to new capabilities and empower their businesses.

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