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Freedom to innovate

Innovation is part of everything we do; it’s in our DNA. Rather than asking why, we ask why not? We love ideas, big and small. Whether it's a light bulb moment or just the seed for something greater, we know ideas can come from anywhere and everywhere. That's why everyone at Deloitte is empowered to get their creative juices flowing; to dream up new products and services to bring to market.

The way we value each other as people and professionals is very important. We belong to the same team but contribute varied perspectives based on our own unique experiences. Creating corporate clones is not what Deloitte is about.

In 2011, to realise our vision and continue to stay in front, Deloitte China created a culture of innovation by setting up the China Innovation Programme. It covers the entire innovation process from idea generation to implementation. And as part of Deloitte's innovation initiatives, the China Innovation Forum plays an important role in fostering and facilitating innovation among our people. Innovation is not an adjunct to our business, it is integral to everything we do. 

China Innovation Forum 

At Deloitte, anyone can make a difference. Our global innovation centres and the Deloitte China Research and Insight Centre, which are serving as Deloitte's innovation and intelligence think-tank platform, maximises the creative and insights-driven innovation from our people. This means providing deep insights and leading ideas that help to change the landscape of the world economy – making the world a better place. 

Innovate for the future

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