Janey Lai, Partner, National Audit Learning

Life at Deloitte

Janey Lai, Partner, National Audit Learning

Training that moves the way you do

No two people are identical, so why should your training be the same? Tailored to your individual strengths and goals, your learning and develop will be world-class in transforming you into a global professional.

“It takes discipline and years of daily training to improve their skill and remain strong and flexible. This is also true for leading professionals and business advisors.

If your aim is to grow and become a global leader, Deloitte is committed to helping you every step of the way. It’s not just about making you a master of sheets and sheets of numbers. It’s somewhere that remains, and is seen as, a place where leaders thrive. A place where you can build your character, behaviour and leadership skills. We constantly invest in new training programmes and experiences for our people such as wine tasting and appreciation, personal finance management, creative thinking and critical observation skills. And the path is full of fun.

One of my focuses is to enhance and transform the training programmes to make them more entertaining and enjoyable to engage in. To achieve this, there’s the Deloitte E-Learning Programme that provides you with a learning solution at your fingertips and we’ve also integrated Gamification into training programmes. Because I know that sitting in a classroom listening to a trainer talk for four hours straight is not fun or an effective way of learning compared to spending 20 minutes playing a game with other team members.

At Deloitte, you can forget about a one-size-fits-all career. We set a path that best fits your needs allowing you to follow your dreams and passions. Providing world-class training, having fun and celebrating diversity are Deloitte’s traditions, so join in and make your mark.” 

Janey Lai
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