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Learning at Consulting

Your opportunities for advancement

Knowledge is power. We believe you can’t begin a career unless you know everything there is to know about it. That’s why we have the ability to make sure you acquire new knowledge and technical skill and transform them into strength and prosperity.

We are strong believers of the power of knowledge and we encourage our practitioners to ‘learn something new every day’. We facilitate learning possibilities throughout the year in consulting-specific learning and shared competency learning.

Most importantly, we make sure that whatever you learn will have practical implications - it is learning beyond the college bench. You can also be sure of top-notch online learning technologies and mentors with profound understanding of the industry.  

Extensive learning possibilities

While we encourage learning, what you learn is always attached to your personal learning target set by you and your mentor at the beginning of the year. Based on your goal, you will have a minimum of 40 hours learning on an annual basis, which you can distribute between technical and soft skills training. So you might be looking to acquire more leadership skills; or marketing and sales skills to build better relationships with your clients; it will be your choice.  

Personalised learning: it’s your choice

Who could be better sources than seasoned professionals? Knowledge sharing at Deloitte Consulting is systematic and personal. You can tap into a rich reservoir of professional knowledge through our online portal – DeKnow, but you can also access face-to-face sharing with our seasonal management knowledge sharing sessions, during which top management are flown in to talk about their newest acquisitions and projects.  

Knowledge sharing

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