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Learning at FAS

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At Deloitte, we’re proud of our extensive learning and development programmes, but we understand the most important learning mostly occurs beyond the books. If you don't yet have a thorough understanding of the unique operating practices of Asian businesses, you soon will!

In the FAS field, our clients know that we’re there to help them make crucial, and at times, ‘make or break’ decisions.

When you join Deloitte FAS, not only will you benefit from working directly with top industry experts, our ongoing training and development will keep you at the forefront of your area of expertise, while expanding your knowledge into other relevant field areas.

In addition to a solid base of continual and monitored Deloitte instruction, our FAS Learning Programme encompasses the core and financial-specific skills you’ll require in your daily work. Offered via traditional instruction, independent e-learning or virtual classroom, as you move through the milestone stages of your career, you and your mentor will keep your personal learning targets on the right track, aligning those competencies best specialised to your unique function.  

Your Learning Path  

And, who could be better sources than seasoned professionals? In addition to face-to-face access with team experts at management knowledge sharing sessions dedicated to the most up-to-date FAS issues, the recently launched FAS Knowledge Management portal (FAShare) will help keep you in the know and your career on the right track. And when the time is right, you can benefit from overseas opportunities to further broaden your field knowledge and career horizons. 

Knowledge sharing  

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