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Tip 4: Preparing for a case interview

A case interview is a common recruitment tool nowadays.

Quick tips:

  • Stay calm – listen clearly to what the interviewer says. Case contents are usually read out to candidates by the interviewer
  • Ask questions – if you have any doubts, please ask clarifying questions to ensure you understand the issue
  • Listen carefully – jot down the key points, summarize specific findings and state your recommendation and expected results
  • Respond swiftly – the purpose of a case interview is to assess a candidate's analytical, numerical, problem solving, conclusion and communication skills. Make sure you are able to do quick, accurate calculations
  • Propose solutions reasonably – when coming up with solutions or recommendation, you should be reasonable but creative. Try to make educated guesses to establish values in the face of incomplete data to support your proposal
  • Present confidently – present your ideas clearly and structurally to your interviewer
  • Research more and practice more.
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