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Deloitte to Explore the Future of Mobility at CES Asia 2017

7 June 2017, Shanghai

Deloitte is invited to join 2017 CES Asia and produce a half-day discussion to explore the divergent forces pushing China's mobility system moving forward. 

China market exhibits a number of distinct traits that are quite different from mature markets, such as the customer psychographics, the population density in the mega cities, the convenient high speed rail system, and the government influencing power. How would those traits interact with the global trends to reshape China's mobility system? The players in the extended automotive ecosystem are keen to find out the answer. 

In June 7 afternoon, Deloitte will convene panellists and keynote presenters representing automakers, technology companies, policy makers, researchers, and others working in the mobility ecosystem to dive into this subject from various aspects. The panellists are:

  • XPT Global, CEO, Mr. Jack Cheng
  • GAC Automotive Engineering Institute, Vice President, Mr. Zha Hong Shan
  • NEVS, Vice President of Product Strategy & Planning, Mr. Hans-Martin Duringhof
  • Horizon Robotics Inc., Founder & CEO, Mr. Yu Kai
  • Zhuhai Da Heng Qin Technology Development Co., CEO, Mr. Deng Lian Bing
  • BMW Automotive China, Head of Mobility Services, Mr. Joe Pattinson
  • Audi Sales Division, Head of CRM, Mr. Gong Xingbo
  • Beijing New Energy Automobile, Head of Connected Vehicle Technology, Ms. Yin Ying
  • Banma Technologies, CEO, Mr. Shi Xuesong
  • Deloitte Global Consumer & Industrial Products Leader, Mr. Tim Hanley
  • Deloitte China Consumer & Industrial Products Leader, Mr. John Hung
  • Deloitte China Automotive Leader, Mr. Marco Hecker
  • Deloitte China Smart City Leader, Ms. Clare Ma

*Speakers listed in no particular order

Followed are a brief introduction of Deloitte panels and a list of relevant publications on each topic. We hope you find these insights valuable.

Exploring the Future of Mobility

Time: 1:00 - 1:45 PM

Venue: Kerry, Level 3 Pudong 5-6

The future of mobility creates significant opportunity for traditional automotive "insiders" and "outsiders" creating disruption. Where the opportunities and challenges are as the future of mobility unfolds?  What winning strategies and business models are required to compete in China?  In this session, we'll bring together a group of senior executives from traditional automotive companies and new players working in the extended mobility ecosystem to discuss the future of Mobility in China. 

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Smart Cities and Smart Mobility

Time: 2:00 - 2:45 PM

Venue: Kerry, Level 3 Pudong 5-6

What societal promises do sensing and connected technologies offer? This session will discuss smart cities and how organizations can collaborate to create efficient mobility that delivers on consumers’ expectations and helps solve societal challenges, including pollution, infrastructure, grid lock, and more.

Relevant publications

Making cities smarter: How citizens' collective intelligence can guide better decision making

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Exploring Consumers’ Shifting Mobility Decisions

Time: 3:00 - 3:45 PM

Venue: Kerry, Level 3 Pudong 5-6

Consumers will ultimately choose the winners and losers among the companies and brands vying to deliver convenient, low-cost and customized mobility solutions. Consumers have the power to fall in love with innovations that are more economical or make their lives easier or safer. They can just as easily turn their backs on products, services and companies they’ve trusted for decades. And that can happen faster and faster in this rapidly changing environment. Listen to a panel of executives as they discuss consumer engagement and loyalty in an ever more competitive world of mobility choices.

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